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Warp Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Warp isn't a game about shooting down aliens and thumping your chest; instead you play the alien and kill every human that moves. This turns out to be a lot of fun thanks to the puzzles solving and Metal Gear Solid-style stealth sequences. It's over a little too quickly, but people that pay the ten dollars won't feel cheated! Rating: 78%
Warp Warp Warp Warp
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For years we've played games about alien invasions and the soldiers that risk their life to save all of humanity. Be it as a first-person shooter (Resistance), third-person shooter (Gears of War) or side-scrolling action game (Contra), the idea of mowing down space intruders is an attractive proposition for a video game. But lately I've noticed a twist to this tried and true formula. In just the last couple months we've started to see these blood-thirsty villains become the star of their own games. First it was Mutant Blobs Attack and now it's Warp, the new action/puzzle game from developer Trapdoor.

In Warp you play an unlucky alien who crash lands on Earth and is immediately kidnapped by the government. Before they have a chance to pick, prod and probe, our hero finds a way to escape, sending everybody on a mad dash to not only locate this new life form, but also kill it dead. It's an intriguing concept that is made better with some unique gameplay mechanics and a whole lot of blood.

Warp (PlayStation 3)

As the title suggests, this alien's primary power involves warping about the underwater base. He can literally teleport through doors, walls and other solid objects in order to escape the armed soldiers. Unfortunately, our hero doesn't have a gun to shoot back. Knowing that he's as good as dead if he goes head-to-head with the guards, this alien comes up with a strategy: Warp into their bodies and, simply put, explode them into little pieces.

Teleporting into the body of soldiers, scientists and other humans is our hero's main source of attack. And it turns out to be not only an effective way to kill those that wish you harm, but also a great way to scare all of the timid lab coats that had no idea how dangerous their jobs would be. It might not be pretty, but this is what this downed alien has to do in order to get out of this Area 51-like prison.

Warp (PlayStation 3)

It doesn't take long for our hero to discover that he's not the only alien being held hostage in this underwater base. From the very beginning he can hear the voice of another unlucky space invader, somebody who is there to guide him through the labyrinthine stages and point out where all of the power-ups are. Along the way this beloved space invader will absorb powers left by other aliens, making him stronger and improving his chances of making it out of this place in one piece.

This little guy can do more than just warp into people's bodies and blow them up. Along the way he'll pick up the ability to teleport objects and even create a holographic image of himself to confuse the stupid guards. But even with these powerful skills, our hero has to be careful of each passing guard. All it takes is one or two bullets to send us back to checkpoint to try the level over again.
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