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Dark Souls Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Prepare to die! You might thing that Namco's newest role-playing game only exists to torment you. But look deeper and you'll discover that Dark Souls is one of the best adventure games in years. With an incredible amount epic boss battles, hundreds of hours of gameplay and a unique online interface, Dark Souls is one game you'll be thinking about for years to come! Rating: 92%
Dark Souls
Dark Souls Dark Souls Dark Souls Dark Souls
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After ten years of writing about games professionally and three decades playing them just for fun, I don't get intimidated easily. But all that changed with Dark Souls. Having not played the original, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. All I knew is that Demon's Souls had a reputation for being excruciatingly difficult and massive in both scope and ambition. I was scared. As I started to face my fears, I realized that Dark Souls was exactly the type of game that has been missing from the Xbox 360 library.

Going into Dark Souls the player is given almost no information. The eight page instruction manual offers almost no support and the in-game tutorial is practically non-existent. You can go in one of three directions, each more horrifying than the last. If it's not the walking undead, then it is ghosts you can't hit or skeletons you can't kill. With nobody there to help you and nothing pointing the way to the next objective, things seem hopeless.

Dark Sols (Xbox 360)

But fear not, because learning the rules of this new world is part of what makes Dark Souls so compelling. Instead of playing by the conventions of modern adventure games, From Software's newest game rewrites the rules and forces players to learn from trial, error and lots and lots of dying. This is a game about discovery. Not just exploring the unbelievably immersive world, but discovering how to simply survive in this brutal world.

Dark Souls plays out like a grown-up version of The Legend of Zelda. You won't find any turn-based combat here; instead this is a straight-up action game with light role-playing elements. The four shoulder buttons are split between weapon attacks and defensive moves. Players will have a choice between hundreds of weapons, including traditional long swords, crossbows, hammers, battle axes and so on. There is also a deep magic system, though in true Dark Souls fashion it doesn't even begin to explain how to cast the spells.

Dark Sols (Xbox 360)

What you'll quickly discover is that in the Dark Souls universe nearly every enemy is a big threat, no matter how small they appear. Whether by themselves or in large groups, the enemies put up a good fight. Knowing which weapon to use and how to properly defend yourself is a must, especially if you want to stand a chance against the game's many impressive bosses. It doesn't take long to die in Dark Souls.

As foreign as things seem at the start, there are a few rules you'll be forced to learn the hard way. Like most role-playing games, every time you defeat an enemy you are given a certain amount of souls (the game's version of money/experience points). You use these souls to level up your character and buy items/weapons. But here's the thing, when you die you will drop all of those souls and start back over at the nearest bonfire (the game's version of a checkpoint). The good news is that players can make their way back to where they died and retrieve your dropped souls. But there's a catch: All of the enemies will respawn and if you die along the way those dropped souls are gone for good.
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