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Resident Evil 4 HD Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . In case you haven't heard: Resident Evil 4 is kind of a big deal. With its quick pacing, intriguing narrative and unbelievable graphics, this is one of Capcom's best games. This $20 PlayStation 3 port improves the visuals, adds leaderboard support and introduces trophies into the mix. Come see why Resident Evil 4 remains the best survival horror game ever made! Rating: 92%
Resident Evil 4 HD
Resident Evil 4 HD Resident Evil 4 HD Resident Evil 4 HD Resident Evil 4 HD
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After three numbered sequels, two side stories, a couple of online-only entries, one remake and way too many gun survivor games, Resident Evil was in desperate need of a makeover. By 2005 survival horror fans had visited too many scary mansions, fought off too many slow moving zombies and were finally sick of the unwieldy tank controls. Resident Evil fans demanded something brand new; a fresh take on one of Capcom's biggest franchises. Their demands more than met with Resident Evil 4, a sequel that six years later remains one of the greatest games of all time.

Since its original GameCube release, Resident Evil 4 has scared its way to the PlayStation 2, Wii, personal computers and now the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This twenty dollar port features improved HD graphics, full widescreen support, online leaderboards, trophies and a bevy of extra content not found on the tiny GameCube disc.

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Resident Evil 4 wisely ditches most of the franchise's most belabored cliches. This time around you aren't fighting zombies, but rather religious zealots, their experiments and the villagers they keep under mind control. Gone is the spooky mansion, replaced by lush outdoor environments, religious temples and even a couple fun sequences involving a boat. Capcom wisely removed the insufferable tank-style controls and added a more modern over-the-shoulder point of view. With its emphasis on action, lack of time consuming backtracking and well-written dialog, this 2005 sequel was a massive departure from the Resident Evil games we knew and loved.

The story involves Leon Kennedy (star of Resident Evil 2) who has traveled to Europe on a mission to save the President's daughter. It seems that some Spanish cult has taken Ashley Graham for international leverage. The plan is to get in and get out before anybody notices; there's no reason to drag this mission out longer than needed. In true Resident Evil fashion, things don't go as planned for Leon. Without warning he is swarmed by a legion of zombie-like villagers. His luck goes from bad to worse when our hero is injected with a mysterious mind control parasite. Now it's up to this Leon to save the girl, kill the parasite growing inside him and get as far away from Europe as possible.

Resident Evil 4 (PSN)

Along the way you'll fight off all kinds of monsters (both real and fictional) in a whole host of impressive looking environments. You'll also meet up with a few familiar faces, solve contextual puzzles and maybe even learn a thing or two about what Umbrella is up to these days. With a 15+ hour running time, Resident Evil 4 is also the longest game in the franchise. The game's excellent pace helps keep the action flowing, all while introducing new locations and adding intriguing wrinkles to the story.
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