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Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . No matter whether you were there from the beginning or just now playing the game for the time, Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection has something for everybody. With its action-packed story, memorable characters and strong narrative, there's a reason people continue to celebrate this game twenty years later. Even though the bonus content doesn't come close to matching the original game, there's more than enough to love about this $30 collection! Rating: 85%
Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection
Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection
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It's a fact: Square really wants you to play Final Fantasy IV. Once known to us American gamers as Final Fantasy II, this Super NES game has been remade countless times on a bevy of different consoles. No matter if you own a Game Boy Advance, Wii, WonderSwan or PlayStation, you have access to one of the greatest role-playing games of all time.

With all these remakes and re-releases, it shouldn't surprise anybody that Square has a brand new version of Final Fantasy IV for Sony's six year old PlayStation Portable. What is surprising is how this remake has nothing to do with the polygonal reimagining Square released a mere three years ago. Instead this is a brand new remake, featuring traditional hand-drawn sprites and the overhead perspective you expect from a 16-bit role-playing game.

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection (PSP)

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection is more than just a remake of a twenty year old Super NES game; it's a comprehensive package featuring exciting extras, remixed music and two brand new stories that expand an already epic storyline. While I can't guarantee that Square won't decide to remake this classic a few more times in the future, I can say that this is (for the moment at least) the definitive version of Final Fantasy IV.

In case you have ignored the re-releases over the last twenty years, Final Fantasy IV tells the story of a young soldier named Cecil. A member of the Dark Knight brotherhood, our hero realizes that he's been on the wrong side of the battle and must help defeat a madman who is using mind control to collect all of the world's precious crystals. It's up to Cecil and a colorful cast of supporting characters to save the world and live happily ever after.

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection (PSP)

This 2011 remake may have high definition graphics and a remixed soundtrack, but it's the same old 16-bit Final Fantasy game you remember. Old school fans will recognize many of the twenty year old RPG trappings, including annoying random battles, turn-based combat, an archaic save system and a steep challenge. Thankfully the story is compelling enough to make up for some of the more outdated issues.

Final Fantasy IV proves the importance of a strong cast of likeable characters. Instead of creating generic warriors based around a few simple classes, the 1991 game offered a great cast that fit into the full narrative of the story. Cecil has an emotional character arc, not something you saw in a lot of role-playing games of the era. Because characters are constantly coming and going, your party of five is always in flux. This means that you'll get to know a lot of cool characters, including a few that won't make it to the end of this adventure.

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection (PSP)

The character interaction may not be as novel as it was twenty years ago, but it still remakes incredibly effective. The game has been rewritten, though it's hard to tell if it was done for this remake or one of the dozen other re-releases. This PSP remake also features a few cinemas sprinkled around the story. They are short scenes full of action, usually something blowing up or a flying ship racing towards something. These cinemas don't look particularly good, especially in comparison to the rest of the game.
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