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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . It's not quite a full game or a demo, it's Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. No matter what you call it, Capcom's bite of Dead Rising 2 is a tasty one. With hours of gameplay, loads of weapons and a brand new city to explore, Case Zero is a no-brainer at five dollars. Mmm brains! Rating: 78%
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
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Regardless of whether you call it a demo, prologue or vignette, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is an exciting way to drum up hype for what promises to be one of this year's biggest games. This five dollar download features a couple hours of gameplay, a new area to explore, civilians to rescue, a boss to fight and a motorcycle to build. It's just enough to make you crave a larger helping in much the same way that zombies crave brains.

Case Zero takes place two years after the shocking events of Willamette Parkview Mall. We're quickly introduced to Chuck Greene, a desperate survivor who finds himself stranded in the small town of Still Creek, Nevada. He's not alone, Chuck is also protecting his young daughter, who has already been bitten and will likely turn into a zombie before long. Thankfully there's a treatment, but it's rare and comes at a price. If Chuck can keep her alive, they may be able to wait out a cure.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero (XBLA)

Much like the first game, a time limit is in place. Chuck has have twelve hours to find the medicine his daughter requires, repair an old broken down motorcycle, and escape Still Creek before the government quarantines the whole town. That doesn't leave you with much time to save the survivors and put up with a nasty old mechanic who doesn't take kindly to strangers using his workspace.

Although the small town of Still Creek (pop. 700) may not sound as exciting as the Willamette Parkview Mall, longtime fans won't be letdown by the variety of gruesome ways to dismember the thousands of zombies flooding the streets. Chuck holes himself up in a well-protected gas station, venturing out to the hunting supply store, grocery store, pawn shop, bowling alley, movie theater and much more. His objective is to help survivors and locate the five missing pieces to his motorcycle project.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero (XBLA)

Of course, the real stars of Dead Rising are the weapons. Just like the first game, Case Zero allows Chuck to battle the zombie outbreak in all kinds of creative ways. If players are serious about chopping off zombie limbs, they can take the broadsword or a chainsaw. But what's the fun in that? Why not use a shower head or a newspaper to defeat this scourge? Or maybe just put on a stuffed moose head and mow down a whole crowd of brain eaters. There are so many exciting ways to take down zombies, I have a hunch many players will jump right back into the mix of things after the credits rolled.
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