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Metal Slug XX Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Metal Slug purists may hate me for saying this, but it's time for this franchise to evolve. Metal Slug XX is a fun action game that simultaneously reminds me why I love AND hate this series. The great graphics and expressive characters aren't enough to make this two year old port worth $20! Rating: 57%
Metal Slug XX
Metal Slug XX Metal Slug XX Metal Slug XX
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Metal Slug XX has a curious title. Have I really paid so little attention to this Contra-clone that they've managed to release twenty of these games? Is this a brand new Metal Slug spin-off that I should know about? It turns out that Metal Slug XX is actually an updated version of Metal Slug 7, the two year old Nintendo DS action game. The name (pronounced "Double X") is a call back to the original Metal Slug X, which in turn was an updated version of Metal Slug 2. Name confusion aside, SNK Playmore have crated yet another solid shoot-em-up that will immediately remind you of everything you love AND hate about this series.

Although the Metal Slug series is now fourteen years old, you would never know it based on this PSP game. This is still a traditional 2D shooter, along the lines of Contra or Gunstar Heroes. You run from left to right shooting at soldiers, collecting power-ups and battling gigantic bosses. The graphics, sound and gameplay haven't changed a bit in all this time, which is either endearing or frustrating depending on who you ask.

Metal Slug XX (PSP)

There's not much of a story here, you play one of six familiar characters (seven if you download the optional content) fighting through a bunch of levels and rescuing prisoners along the way. In other words, it's exactly like every other Metal Slug game. You start out fighting Nazi-like soldiers through dangerous mine shafts and junkyards, only to realize that there's something more supernatural at play here. Although you are essentially doing the same thing in all seven levels, the way the "story" plays out keeps you involved enough to see the game to the end.

The draw to this series has been the gorgeous hand-drawn graphics. Instead of switching to 3D polygon graphics, SNK stuck with the sprite-based look. Because of this, Metal Slug has a timeless look that makes the ultra-violence a little easier to stomach. All of the characters in the game are expressive and the backgrounds are constantly changing around you. This series has a definite art style, and as far as I'm concerned it's Metal Slug's greatest asset.

Metal Slug XX (PSP)

Unfortunately, the fourteen year old gameplay is starting to wear a little thin. There's no reason that seven games in we can't shoot diagonally, it's something fans have been begging for since 1996. It also wouldn't hurt the franchise to add some diversity. I know this is a standard 2D shooter, but take a page out of Gunstar Heroes book and give us more to do than shoot, shoot, shoot. Don't get me wrong, Metal Slug XX is a fun action game with an incredible amount of character. I just wish the game would evolve a little.
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