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The Beatles: Rock Band Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . It features nearly 50 of the best songs ever recorded, an outstanding story, amazing extras, revamped controls and three of the greatest musicians of all time (and Ringo). It's The Beatles: Rock Band, yet another must-own game from Harmonix. It's hard to imagine anybody being disappointed by this small masterpiece. Rating: 92%
The Beatles: Rock Band
The Beatles: Rock Band The Beatles: Rock Band The Beatles: Rock Band The Beatles: Rock Band
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In an industry full of huge licenses, Harmonix may have scored the biggest. When they decided to one-up Activision's Guitar Hero (a series Harmonix helped create), they decided to shoot for the stars. If you're going to lock bands down to an exclusive contract, you might as well go for the biggest, most influential bands of the last fifty years. It will no doubt cost the developers big money, but there's little doubt in my mind that The Beatles: Rock Band was worth, no matter the price.

The Beatles: Rock Band is not Rock Band 3. If you go into this game expecting all of the same modes and extras, you will be disappointed. It is also not simply a track pack. The Beatles: Rock Band is its own experience, a game with its own voice and narrative. To compare this Beatles game with Rock Band 2 is like comparing a big-budget Hollywood biopic about a band to a concert movie. This is a game that will teach you just about everything you will need to know about the Beatle's decade-long reign. It's a game that will make you excited about not only the Beatles music, but also how you can tell a story using the music genre as the voice. This is a game that is intended to be seen from beginning to end, not something you can say about every music game on the market.

The Beatles: Rock Band (Xbox 360)

The Beatles: Rock Band tells the story of a young rock group from Liverpool that, with the help of good songs and a little luck, managed to take the world by storm and become one of the most influential bands of all time. Early on you see this story play out via cut scenes between the game's nine levels. Although there is no talking in these cinema scenes, you do get a taste of their rise to power thanks to well-placed photographs, newspapers, screaming fans and any other archival footage they can get. These scenes pack so much information that you will no doubt need to watch them several times to pick all of the details out, and thanks to the amazing art direction, you'll definitely have no problem with repeat viewings.

Once the music starts things feel more like a traditional Rock Band game. There are four instruments you can choose from, including the guitar, bass, drums and the microphone. Each instrument has its own note highway (or pitch meter, in the case of singing) and multiple difficulty settings. Your object, like every other modern day music game, is to hit as many notes as you can, all while dealing with multipliers and working together as a band. In other words, it plays exactly the same as Rock Band 2. Not that this is a bad thing, the gameplay in Rock Band 2 is near flawless, giving music lovers a fun and interactive way to play a wide assortment of songs.

The Beatles: Rock Band (Xbox 360)

It should be noted that there is one major difference between this and the older Rock Band games. You see, this game fully supports three different microphones at once. That means that you and your friends can take part in three-part harmonies, which adds some much-needed depth to the singing portions of the game. You can still play these songs by yourself, but it's a lot of fun to team up with your friends and take the role of a Beatle. Best of all, this Beatles game supports the brand new Microsoft Wireless Microphone (which is more than I can say for Rock Band 2 at the moment). Guitarists and drummers won't see much of a difference in gameplay, but it's nice to see Harmonix tweak the different instruments between Rock Band releases.
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