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Pursuit Force Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Although it might look like your standard racing game, Pursuit Force is unlike any other game on the market. Its speed and energy is unparalleled on the PSP, making this one of the most exciting games you ever will play. This is one game worth checking out, even if you're not a fan of racing games! Rating: 78%
Pursuit Force
Pursuit Force Pursuit Force Pursuit Force Pursuit Force
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Pursuit Force is, without a doubt, the single most exciting portable game on the market today. That's not to say that BigBig Studios' action game is as good as Burnout Legend or Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, but there is no game on the market that is as over the top with crazy stunts and explosions than Pursuit Force. If you're a fan of racing but can't stand driving only one car the entire time, then boy do I have a game for you!

This is the story of the Pursuit Force, a special group of police officers that are specially trained to take to the streets and do whatever it takes to solve the case. This is an elite force that is pulled straight out of a comic book or Saturday morning cartoon. These are the soldiers you call when the crimes are especially heinous and the only people that can help are the police officers that specialize in gymnastic stunts and other Hollywood flare.

What sets Pursuit Force apart from all the other action/racing games is that it allows you to swap vehicles any time you want to. I'm not talking about pulling somebody over and getting in their car; oh no, Pursuit Force gives you the opportunity to fling yourself out of the car and leap on to other cars, at which point you can kill the driver, kick them out of the car, and use it until you see a reason to commandeer another car.

As you can imagine, leaping from car to car is the game's biggest selling point and most unique feature. There has been a surprising amount of attention spent on making this aspect of the game work as advertised, and BigBig definitely gets it right. When you jump on a car you kind of cling to it, but just because you're on the top of a car going entirely too fast (and swerving) that doesn't mean you are helpless. Beyond shooting the people in the car, you can avoid their fire by ducking to either side of the car and righting yourself whenever you're ready to finish jacking their car. If they are especially aggressive drivers they might try to shake you, which requires you to actually help your character stay steady so that you can kill everybody involved.

Pursuit Force owes a lot to games like Chase HQ and APB, popular arcade games that had you doing everything you could to hunt down another car and trap it. Although there are some variations on the theme, Pursuit Force is all about hunting down multiple targets and taking them out before they get too far away. You can do this any number of ways, including shooting them from the comfort of your car or going all out and leaping onto their vehicle and shooting out the gunmen and driver. Either way, you need to do this before time runs out or you'll fail, people will die, and worst of all, your cranky boss will fire you. And nobody wants that.
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