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Alien Syndrome Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Alien Syndrome is ugly, boring, repetitive and hard to recommend. And worst of all, it's just no fun whatsoever. Not even fans of the old school arcade game will find much to enjoy in this half-assed resurrection. Rating: 40%
Alien Syndrome
Alien Syndrome Alien Syndrome Alien Syndrome Alien Syndrome
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While there are a lot of people that love and adore Sega, not even the biggest fan can argue that when it comes to resurrecting classic game franchises the company has a terrible track record. One only needs to look at the past few years to see Sega drop the ball when it came to Shinobi, ToeJam & Earl, and even Altered Beast (a resurrection so bad that the company didn't even bother bringing it to the States). And let's not forget about the disastrous treatment that's been given to Sonic the Hedgehog recently. Given Sega's recent track record it's only natural to be a little skeptical about an Alien Syndrome revival; will this be the game that breaks the mold, or are we looking at yet another terrible 3D update to a classic Sega franchise?

Unfortunately Alien Syndrome is every bit as bad as all of the other Sega resurrections. It's an ugly pile of sci-fi action complete with repetitive gameplay, boring level designs and a severe lack of originality. On paper it all sounds good, it's essentially Diablo in space, but Sega is never able to capitalize on the strengths of the classic arcade game and turn this into anything more than just another boring overhead action game.

Alien Syndrome is based on the 1986 top down arcade game of the same name. In that game you run around opening up doors and killing all sorts of nasty looking aliens. Given the game's original release date and the fact that it was nothing more than an action arcade game, it made sense for Alien Syndrome to be nothing more than a shallow shooter with exciting multiplayer action and nothing more. But 21 years later that kind of gameplay just doesn't cut it, if you're going to spend ten or twenty hours with a game then you need it to be about something more than just blowing up ugly aliens and finding the right door to escape through.

Apparently Sega realized this so they turned this 2007 Alien Syndrome into an action/RPG, the kind of game where you go around killing bad guys and earning experience along the way. You are also able to collect new weapons and upgrade them, giving the player a sense of customization. But even with the role-playing elements thrown in, Alien Syndrome is really nothing more than a glorified shooter where all you do is run around corridors and kill whatever gets in your path. All this can be fun at first, but it won't take more than a few levels before you realize just how repetitive and boring this experience is.

But before you even realize that the game is a repetitive mess, Alien Syndrome has you choose the kind of player class you want to be. These classes include demolitions expert, firebug, seal, tank and sharpshooter, each offering a different set of pros and cons. Once you've picked your character your off to witness a boring cinema and learn just what is going on. Before long you're fighting your way through what looks like a destroyed space station filled with annoying alien creatures, it's your job to get to the exit and try and get the heck out of here. But don't get too excited, once you actually do make it to your destination you're forced to play another batch of boring levels that are almost exactly the same as the ones you just went through.

It's also worth mentioning that the enemies you see at the beginning will plague you the entire way through. The problem with this game is that the enemies are recycled frequently, so you'll end up shooting down the same worm-like creature two or three hundred times before all is said and done. To make matters worse, Sega's idea of changing up the enemies is to paint them a new color. It's bad enough that all of the levels start to look the same, but why couldn't the developers at Totally Games come up with enough cool looking aliens to fight? The world "alien" is right in the title, it just feels lazy when there are only a few variations of aliens in the whole game. There are a few boss characters to contend with as you play through the story mode, but even these characters fail to impress.

Along the way you'll be able to pick up new weapons and armor, but don't get too excited because there's really no reason to. As you play through Alien Syndrome you will be able to upgrade your weapon, so picking up new (less powerful) weapons doesn't make a whole lot of sense in the grand scheme of things. Worse yet, none of the weapons feel very powerful. Even after you've upgraded your weapons the enemies take a long time to kill, something that becomes more and more frustrating as the game starts to throw more enemies at you.
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