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Burnout Dominator Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Dominator is yet another rock solid game in Burnout series, even if it doesn't have the crash mode and some of the other recent additions. Some may argue that this is a step backwards, but for what it is Dominator proves to be a highly competent racer with plenty of replay! Rating: 85%
Burnout Dominator
Burnout Dominator Burnout Dominator Burnout Dominator Burnout Dominator
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Being a huge fan of the Burnout series I have to admit that I had some mixed feelings going into the newest entry for the PSP and PlayStation 2. On one hand I was happy to have another edition of one of the best racing franchises of all time on my PSP, but at the same time I was concerned about the loss of the crash mode and the lack of real innovation in the series. Thankfully I didn't have anything to worry about; Burnout Dominator is a phenomenal racing game that any PSP owner should feel honored to play. While it doesn't do anything particularly new or original, Dominator does offer a solid racing experience that is better than just about anything else on Sony's handheld.

Burnout Dominator is the pseudo-sequel to 2005's Burnout Legend, a game that acted as something of a compilation of the best tracks and game play elements from the first three games in the series. The good news is that almost every stage and location in Dominator is new; you won't have to put up with a lot of recycled material in this game. But while the levels may be new, Burnout Dominator does bring back some familiar modes from previous game, giving this game a strange mix of new and old content. While it all manages to mesh together flawlessly, those expecting a game more along the lines of Burnout Revenge will probably feel like this is a step backwards.

While it doesn't stray too far away from other Burnout games, Dominator does manage to reintroduce a number of features that have been missing for several years now. One of these features is something called "burnout," this is a special move you can perform when you have your turbo meter maxed. Basically how this works is you hold your turbo button down until your turbo is completely used up, but while you're speeding along you should be narrowly missing cars, running your competition off the road, driving into traffic and doing whatever you can to add marks to your burnout meter. The longer you hold down the button and keep your car from crashing you'll earn score multipliers which you can use until you let go of the turbo for whatever reason. This new (or old, depending on how you look at it) game play twist manages to change the game up and makes Dominator feel fresh.

Dominator works like most other Burnout games, you go from one race type to another trying to earn points or come in first place. What keeps this game from becoming repetitious is that there is a large variety of race types to keep you going. Fans of previous Burnout installments will no doubt recognize some of the modes found in Dominator, such as the standard race (where you battle three other cars for first), eliminator (where a timer counts down and the person in last place blows up) and road rage (where it's your job to crash as many different cars as possible before you either run out of time or run out of track).

But those aren't the only race types found in Dominator, Burnout fans will be excited to learn about a brand new mode and the return of a classic. The brand new mode is called Maniac and it requires you to drive like a mad man to collect points, that means that you have to drift all over the place, drive into traffic, narrowly miss other cars and do whatever you can to score as many points while driving like a reckless maniac. This is easily one of my favorite modes, and while it seems simple at first the scores you will have to beat by the end of the game will require not only a lot of crazy driving but a ton of skill on your part.

Other race types include a burnout mode that gives you points for successfully performing burnouts, a drift challenge that wants you to drift a certain distance in a short amount of time, and a near miss mode that is all about coming as close as you possibly can to crashing into other cars without actually crashing. With all of the different races it's hard to get bored of just doing the same thing over and over, this aspect alone will probably keep you going long after you would have put down most other "traditional" racing games.

For the most part the actual racing game play is exactly the same as it was in Burnout 3: Takedown. As a driver you're rewarded for driving dangerously and taking out your competition by pushing them into walls or ramming them into other cars. If you do manage to crash not all is lost, by holding the right shoulder button you can slow down time and move your car into a position where you'll be able to mess up your competition. And that's not all, even if you can't directly hit your enemies after you've crashed, you can still push the triangle button and blow your car up and take down one, two or even three cars in one single explosion. All this adds up to an insane racing experience that is full of balls to the wall action and more excitement than your heart can probably take.
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