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Johnny Turbo: Let'Em Dangle!
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on January 05, 2009   |   Episode 5 (Show Archive)  


No no ... Johnny TURBO, not Johnny Cage!!
A normal video game company would do everything in their power to show off the best elements of their product. This is especially true with video game manufacturers, who normally spend their time trumpeting the specs and amazing games coming to the system. But TTI was no ordinary company. Turbo Technologies Incorporated came about when NEC (the makers of the TurboGrafx-16) and Hudson banded together to make one unified company, the company that would release the TurboDuo. Instead of telling you about all of the amazing games coming out for the TurboDuo, TTI decided to assault the competition with an agro-sociopath with a serious anger management problem. In each episode he doesn't reason with people, he beats the snot out of them just for selling a different game system. Talk about a douche bag.

In an attempt to bring Johnny Turbo up to date for the 21st century, we've decided to rip out all of the dialog and completely change the story. We had good luck with our modification last time we tried it on that Game Boy Comic Book, so we're hoping that this quickie four page adver-comic will hold you over until something meatier shows up. This is the episode where Johnny Turbo decides to start a war over a certain type of video game. Just remember, the views expressed by Johnny Turbo do not reflect the opinions of Defunct Games, everybody reading this and the entire year of 1993. Enjoy the one and only Johnny Turbo!

Johnny Turbo Comic Book About These Four Pages: Make no mistake about it, while we have changed the words around and altered the story, that doesn't change the fact that this is supposed to be an advertisement. There was a time when TTI actually thought it was a good idea to have their spokesman be an angry fat dude in a bad costume fighting people over which game system you liked best. It's a shame TTI isn't still around, I would love to get a little of what they were smoking when they thought Johnny Turbo was going to put them on top.

Johnny Turbo Comic Book Johnny Turbo Comic Book Johnny Turbo Comic Book Johnny Turbo Comic Book

NOTE: While the artwork may be real, TTI had nothing to do with the pure venom being expressed in the new story. If you're offended by this comic then chances are you worked on Rock Revolution and just need somebody to blame. The reason I know that is because nobody actually bought Rock Revolution, so nobody can really be angry at me. Besides, the game they are against is Band Revolution, and that has nothing to do with Rock Revolution. Seriously, we mean that.



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