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Game Boy: In the Palm of Your Hand ...
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on July 14, 2008   |   Episode 1 (Show Archive)  


Your Game Boy may be super huge, guy that made gigantic Game Boy, but it will never be a comic book!
It's normal for a video game company to turn their most popular characters into comic book characters. After all, the two groups have largely the same fan base and it's a quick and easy way to keep people excited about your franchise between sequels. That's why I don't fault Nintendo for trying to make Mario, Luigi, Link and Zelda into comic book superstars. But did we really need a Game Boy comic book? Mario and Link I can understand, but how exactly do you turn a black and green game system into a comic book character?

Apparently it's not very easy, because there weren't a lot of issues of Game Boy comics. As a public service we've decided to scan and upload the complete first issue of Game Boy comics. Only, we've decided to modify it to make it more relevant to our time. There's nothing worse than reading a comic book about the 1990s, like anybody remembers what that was like.

As it turns out our modified Game Boy comic is actually a political polemic. That's right; this is a comic book on a mission to change your mind. Below you will find the first six pages of this masterpiece, followed soon after by another four sets. In the next two months we plan on going through the entire first issue of the Game Boy comic book. Will you learn anything from this experience? Well, you'll learn that turning the Game Boy into a comic book character was a really bad idea ... but then again, I'm sure you already knew that.

Game Boy Comic Book
About These Six Pages: In the first episode of 'Game Boy - In the Palm of Your Hand ...' we are introduced to Rocco, a right winger who considers himself to be a "dittohead." We also meet two teenage boys on a mission to see a movie. Where will all this lead? Will there be any shocking surprises? Is this really going to be all about political humor?? Find out the answers to these questions when you download the full PDF document (above). If downloading a 1 MB file is too much for you, then I suggest you check out all six pages linked individually.

Game Boy Comic Book Game Boy Comic Book Game Boy Comic Book Game Boy Comic Book Game Boy Comic Book Game Boy Comic Book

NOTE: While the artwork may be real, Valiant Publishing had nothing to do with the political messages found in these pictures. The views found in this comic book do not reflect Defunct Games, Valiant Publishing, or Nintendo. Instead the views are those of Mario, Tatanga, the teenagers, that creepy old dude, and whoever the Princess is in Super Mario Land. I hope that clears everything up.


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