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Christmas 2003 - 29 Issues of Christmas
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on November 27, 2003   |   Episode 38 (Show Archive)  

Incase you're in denial, Christmas is over and all the Issues have been unwrapped. It was a good season, full of exciting reviews and lots of pictures of women (real and fake, and a few that are real fake). All that is left to do is try to comprehend what we've learned. I know that sounds all new age and boring, but we have to have some kind of resolution, right? Here are just a few of the things I will take from this experiment. A lot of magazines have the exact same content! As you read this you will likely notice that we say the same thing over and over and over. It's not because I want to, nor is it because we ran out of things to talk about ... instead, it's the fault of me-too magazines. You know the type, quickly pieced together little publications that are only there to cash in on the video game trend. This industry is littered with these types of magazines, and it shows in these issues. There are a lot more than 29 Magazines worth Covering! This special screenshot It's always nice to have a celebrity endorse your holiday special, but did it have to be Eric Roberts? could probably have ran another week or two ... but that wasn't in the cards. There were a lot of system exclusive magazines, such as the Official Dreamcast Magazine, Sega Force, and PSM, but too few days. Will we ever resurrect this feature to complete it? Nah, probably not. So it may be a mystery what we think of the Official Xbox Magazine. If I was standing next to my closet when an earthquake hits, I'm toast!! One never realizes how many magazines they have until they start digging through every single one of them looking for information, quotable, and inspiration. They live in my closet, a half dozen shelves overflowing with information. If I were to be researching something there, and God forbid, an earthquake hits, I will be crushed underneath several thousand magazines, grasping for air, trying to call for help. You laugh now, you heartless bastard! Perhaps it's time you just relive all the exciting days of our 29 Issue special. Below you will find all of the episodes in order, so treasure the ones you remember, and check out the ones you missed. I wonder what 2004 will bring ... -Cyril


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