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Game Over: Cannon Spike
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on July 26, 2002   |   Episode 23 (Show Archive)  

Who is He? Arthur is here to save the day once again . but is he really up to a mission that doesn't involve zombies and gargoyles? You bet he is, and on skates even! Sir Arthur has had his bouts with evil, what with Ghouls 'N Ghosts and Ghosts 'N Goblins, but this missing is going to involve a lot more than just running and jumping. How Does Capcom Explain Him? Arthur is a veteran mercenary. Due to his massive firepower, he is considered a one-man army. His gunlance "Excalibur" is extremely powerful. Arthur accompanies Simone and acts as her guardian. Arthur is from the Ghosts and Goblins series. Who is She? One of the best characters from the Darkstalkers series is ready to get some use out of that electric razor shooter she has. No neophyte to weaponry, B.B. Hood is one hell of a good shot, and a lot more menacing than her Little Red Riding Hood motif. Regardless of whether or not you enjoy her basket of goodies, B.B. Hood is ready to make short order of what ever Capcom puts in front of her! How Does Capcom Explain Her? B.B. Hood is a young dark hunter. Though she is human, she has the same dark heart as Darkstalkers. B.B. Hood is from the Darkstalkers series. Who is She? Returning from her services in just about everything post Super Street Fighter II, Cammy is ready to do battle with anything Capcom throws at her! One can only notice how agile Cammy becomes when on skates . keeps bringing back memories of rollergirl. Mmm . Rollergirl. How Does Capcom Explain Her? Cammy, who possesses deadly fighting skills, is a soldier from a notorious crime organization. She acts as a leader in most operations. Though relatively weak in power, she is extremely fast and agile. She is from the Super Street Fighter II series. Who is He? He's Guiles war time buddy . perhaps even the friend that turns Guile against M. Bison in the Street Fighter II series. Charlie is first seen in the Street Fighter Alpha series filling in some back history. One even noticed that he had basically the exact same moves as Guile even back then. A lot of the same movies found in Alpha are found here in Cannon Spike. How Does Capcom Explain Him? Charlie came from the U.S. army to support Cammy with his cool judgment. He is from the Street Fighter Alpha series. Who is He? What do you mean who is Mega Man? Mega Man is by far the most popular robotic boy in video game . and establishing personality WELL before Speilberg even considered finishing A.I.! So what's he doing here? Skating, and getting ready for what will likely be ten more years of side scrolling 2D Mega Man bliss! How Does Capcom Explain Him? Mega Man is a humanoid boy developed by Dr. Light. Though only a robot, Mega Man fights evil to make the world a more harmonious place for humans and machines alike. He is the hero of the Mega Man series. Who is He? You're guess is as good as mine. Perhaps a character Psikyo characer, perhaps a unused Street Fighter III character. Regardless, Shinba is one tough looking skater. He glides on what they say is a skateboard, but looks more like a hovering snowboard to me. He's quite a fighter, who ever he is! How Does Capcom Explain Him? Shiba got involved in the terrorists' conflicts and became their target right before he won the World Champion Skateboarding Title. Now he counterattacks with his assault team. Skateboard tricks and cocky attitude are his team's signature. Who is She? Here we have another new character, but at least Simone isn't nearly as annoying as Shiba. Armed with what looks like the same weapon as Arthur, Simone is a pretty powerful character, and perhaps one we shall see again in another game. How Does Capcom Explain Her? Simone fights together with Arthur. She has a strong will and a passing to complete the mission. Part of her body is a cyborg and she has superhuman power.


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