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By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on April 05, 2002   |   Episode 16 (Show Archive)  

Can you believe it? Defunct Games is officially a year old ... you know, as opposed to unofficially a year old (which was a few months ago). So what are we going to do to enjoy this fine day? How about give out some awards, look at some history, and enjoy some things that have already been written. But we didn't want to give out just any awards, we wanted to take a look at some of the smaller aspects of the site. We thought we'd take a look and see if we could drudge up some info you probably don't know. There are three pages, all three worth reading. Maybe you'll learned a few things about our beloved site. This article is barely worth reading? It's old, not very well written, and one of the most out of touch articles I've seen. As we all know in the last year Square has given the thumbs up to Nintendo, and Sega and Working Designs really don't need to talk to each other anymore. So I guess this award is valid only because the news has been really colorful in the last year. With Square making GameBoy Advance games, Sega making games for everybody, and Working Designs laboring away on future projects, I think it's safe to say that we are in for some good news in the next year. BEST FAKE GAME: Volume 11: Mortal Kombat vs. Samurai Shodown street fighter It took a look of looking, but I think the best game we'll never see has to be Mortal Kombat vs. Samurai Shodown. This sort of game is needed in a time like this . if only to clean the air after the terrible Mortal Kombat Advance. And what are the Samurai Shodown kids up to these days? This game is needed in every level . but that's not why I love it. I mean, I think this is one of the best looking game I made yet. So I'm going to just say this: go look at the pictures and then judge for yourself. WORST VAPORWARE: Defunct Games Easter Egg Hunt street fighter If you head on over to the Contents Page you'll read all about this Easter Egg hunt people are supposed to be going on. Heck, I've even had people ask me about it. So, what's the real story? It's actually very simple, early into the production of Defunct Games (over a year ago) I wanted people to get lost looking for things that were hidden (like in games, DVDs, etc.), but as time went on I realized I was more interested creating content people can actually see. So I just never took it down . but that's okay, isn't it? I'm planning a Easter Egg hunt later on this year, will you still email and want to know all about it? Frankly, I don't care, but I know it's going to be worth it. But Who's Counting? Number of reviews we started with: 75 Number of Virtual Boy games reviewed from the get-go: 0 Number of people who helped with the site pre-April 1st, 2001: 6 Number of those people STILL helping me with the site: 2 Amount of Times I've Played Phantasy Star Online since September: 0 Number of different shirts I've worn while updating Defunct Games: 13 Number of Virtua Fighter II Saturn discs I have in my collection: 8 Number of televisions Currently in the Defunct Office: 3 Number of CD players (including game systems) Currently in the Defunct Office: 13 Number of empty game boxes on the wall of my Defunct Office: 63 Number of empty system boxes on the wall of my Defunct Office: 16 Number of universal A/C cords I have in my collection: 21 Number of universal A/C cords that seem to not have anything to plug in: 4 Amount my Electricity Bill has gone up since starting Defunct Games: 120% Number of emails from people who thought the site WAS an April Fools Joke: 3 Number of times manning Defunct Games has been impressive to a date: 1 Number of controls floating around the Defunct Office: 72 Number of portables floating around the Defunct Office: 7 Number of hours spent making Defunct Games look good (April 2001 - April 2002): 1460 Number of hours spent making Defunct Games look good BEFORE April 1st 2001: 720 The amount of radio your Defunct Editor listened to in the last year: 0:00 How many tries does it take to lob a GameBoy Advance all the way over a two-lane street? 1 How many tries does it take to lob an Xbox all the way over a two-lane street? 7 THE SECOND OPINION AWARD: Metal Slug 1st Mission street fighter Of all the games found on Defunct Games there's only ONE that has two reviews! Metal Slug: 1st Mission has two reviews, one from current staff writer Brad Davey, and yet another from past staff contributor Daniel Harding. Each review is fairly kind, and I left the score the same on each. So, why is THIS the only game with two reviews? Well, I have no desire to release more than one review per game, as each review represents the site as a full. However, it seems odd that there are two reviews? Well, once upon a time there was a man who swore he would write a few reviews. He hammered out a fine piece of literature, and even though it's his only one, I feel it deserves to be displayed. Brad has also written a fine review, and frankly I don't know which to use. But since Brad has so many reviews, I keep his as the default, but as you can tell, both are available. I would like to take this time to thank Dan for his time working with Defunct Games in the very early days. LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES AWARD: Game of the Week street fighter So you say there are only 31 Game of the Weeks?? You say I missed a few weeks in the process of developing the site you see before you? Well, that is one of the MAJOR reasons I chose to rename the Game of the Week . it's now called The Great Games (a nod to reviewer Roger Ebert). So maybe it's not weekly, but you'll find that nothing is predictable at Defunct Games . it's endearing. I think. BUCKING THE TREND AWARD: Soul Calibur street fighter Everybody gives Soul Calibur a perfect ten . and while it's a great game, Defunct Games does not. Why? Well, to be fair we DID give it 99%, and it WAS the best launch title on the Dreamcast . or any system for that matter. But it's no 100%. For it takes a special game to get a 100% . and that game has yet to cross my desk. So please, even though I agree it's a great game, no more emails about my bucking the trend.


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