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Fooled in 2002: April Fools Day Wrap-Up
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on April 03, 2002   |   Episode 15 (Show Archive)  

Sure it's a week and a half since April Fools day, but that doesn't mean you saw EVERYTHING. At Defunct Games we thought we'd give you a list of the best AND worst that April 1st, 2002 had to offer on the internet. Click on the pictures to see the full joke. click to see FULL page Bungie (website) Pimps At Sea What was the joke? Fresh off of the success of Halo, Bungie is back with PIMPS AT SEA! This down game features unique tooth power ups and purple silk flags that flap in the wind. YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT! Was it Funny? You bet it is. This is the funniest ads for any game this April Fools. How can you resist a joke that offers good old fashioned pirates jab. Plus the game features some of the funniest options ever. This game needs to exist. Grade: A click to see FULL page Defunct Games (website) Defunct Music Stash What was the joke? Instead of covering the world of defunct video games, Defunct Games chose to cover some bands getting very little air play ... boy bands. Be it LFO, Nsync, or the song stylings of the Backstreet Boys. Taking the point of view of a 13 year old girl, the crib sheet pretty much gets to the point of the page. Was it Funny? No. Not at all. In fact, it's the worst April Fools joke of any of the web pages. It's abrasive and off-puting, it's covering music nobody wants to listen to, and it's using a color scheme nobody wants to look at. I can't imagine a worse april fools joke (guess we'll have to wait till next year). Grade: F click to see FULL page The Digital Bits (website) A Beautiful Bombshell What was the joke? For fans of both DVD and the Oscar winning movie A Beautiful Mind, Universal Pictures has some surprising news for you. It's A Beautiful Mind: Collector's Edition Full Screen DVD Interactive Playset. You'll find all sorts of jokes floating around this FAKE news announcement ... but my favorite is the Xbox preview, which includes A Beautiful Mind, the first person shooter. Was it Funny? Well ... kind of. The main joke isn't ... but did you see the blurb at the end about the full first (and only) season of Supertrain coming to DVD? Now that's priceless. Anyway, this is a well put together DVD related joke, and is a little funny. Kind of. Grade: C+ click to see FULL page eBay (website) Backwards Foo What was the joke? This eBay site has so many april fools jokes it's not even funny ... well, it is funny ... well, most of it is funny. Anyway, the entire top of the page has been reversed, and you can expect some BAD advice, and even some useless items to bid on. Some pretty useless stuff, I tell you. Was it Funny? Some of it is. The Ayn Rand shop, the vote of confidence on the front page, and more are all very funny. But the backward joke at the top is just lame. There are also a few jokes that don't work. But all in all, this is a pretty funny joke. Grade: B- click to see FULL page GameFAQS (website) GameFAXox What was the joke? Looks like non partisan GameFAQs has converted to Microsoft's Xbox. No PlayStation 2, no GameCube, no Neo*Geo ... all Xbox. That's the joke ladies and gentlemen. Everything you wanted to know about the Xbox, well, this is your source. Or so it seemed ... Was it Funny? There are quite a few funny moments throughout this april fools joke. The possitive review of Kabuki Warriors (which calls it "one of the all-time best games"), and the completely pointless poll is a whole lot of fun. The colors are a bit hard on the eyes, but you have to admit that it's one funny joke. Grade: B+ click to see FULL page Game Spot (website) Bill Gates Joins Nintendo What was the joke? It looks like Bill Gates finally snapped ... and now he's off to Nintendoland. That's right kids, according to GameSpot VG Bill Gates is on his way out because "I like Pokemon". Maybe Bill Gates really DOES want to control the world. Was it Funny? Oh sure, it's funny ... but don't you think it's a bit much? I mean, it's not subtle, it's forced, and it's as obvious as the sun. But that's okay ... we still love it. After Sega drops out of the console market and Square goes back to Nintendo, how hard would it be to believe this? Hmm ... Grade: C- click to see FULL page IGN PS2 (website) Former Employee Buys IGN What was the joke? Former IGNPS2 Editor Dave Z has taken over in something of a Coup D'etat. This article discussed the finer points of moving into a new office, vs. SaturnWorld, and other inside jokes. Was it Funny? Truth is, this isn't funny at all. It's one giant in-joke. I can just see the staff of IGN sitting around laughing at it ... but that's about it. Do people care enough about these IGN editors to laugh at this? Still there's a good nod to, and a few other funny in-jokes. But that's it. It's one long, wordy in-joke. Grade: D click to see FULL page IGN GameBoy (website) Fighter Stick Advance What was the joke? Do your hands hurt from playing too much Mortal Kombat Advance? Well, now you can play them using the HUGE Fighter Stick Advance. It's been made of all the best parts, and best yet, it has been customized for the GameBoy Advance's four buttons. Not playing Tekken Advance will be a snap. Was it Funny? Not until it gets to the Light Gun Advance. And that one joke makes it all worthwhile! The Fighter Stick is humorous, but nothing compared to the gun. Grade: B+ click to see FULL page IGN Xbox (website) We're Being Sued! What was the joke? Look folks, the Department of Justice has gone after IGN Xbox. Why? Because they gave games like Gunvalkyrie too high of a score. Yup ... that's the joke, folks. And the article repeats the joke several times. Was it Funny? You know ... at first I didn't fine this joke funny at all. Even though I read through the entire article I felt it was a bit lackluster, and nothing compared to the other jokes I've read. But then I started to think about it. I thought about the Daily Radar and how they were sued for such silly reasons. But then I thought about Microsoft, and their currect fight with the Department of Justice. And then I laughed. And I laughed and laughed and laughed. And then I stopped laughing and went on to the next April Fools joke ... Grade: B+ click to see FULL page MadMan's Cafe (website) Marvel vs. Capcom 3 What was the joke? I'm sure I'll get mail on this one, but even though there were three April Fools jokes on this site, I am only going to discuss one. MadMan's brought us the first look at Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ... a game that is inevitable. The site even featured a couple of pictures, including a rather dull logo and the game in all it's glory! A couple of good screen shots make this a tough one to deny. Was it Funny? Funny? No ... but fairly convincing. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 offered up a few characters Capcom is SURE to add ... including a few that we suggested in our Capcom vs. SNK 2 Weekend Special (including Dante and Nemesis). Madman's Cafe is known for early news, and this COULD have been one of those big breaks ... had it not been a joke. A good prank, nonetheless. Grade: A- click to see FULL page RPG Fan (website) Square Games What was the joke? While Sony's PlayStation 2 is getting a new Chrono title and Kingdom Hearts, the GameCube has so far only had games rumored for it. Well we have two screens of the brand new Seiken Densetsu: Revival of Mana. The first screen looks like a teletubbie. And the second picture is just a little too cute. Was it Funny? Nope. It's a joke that falls flat on it's face. It's a good idea, but the pictures are silly, and the joke isn't all the funny. And frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if we see Mana for the GameCube. Grade: D click to see FULL page RPGamer (website) Final Fantasy XI Offline What was the joke? This is a three piece april fools joke, each done by a different writer. The first is the old Final Fantasy XI switcharoo. Looks like Square is ready to release Final Fantasy XI OFFLINE! Yeah ... that's the joke. There's also a joke about Final Fantasy VII going handheld. And then there's the Cat Vomiting on the PSX story. You can't forget that one. Was it Funny? No. This is a forced joke without much in the way of humor. It is, however, a good looking (and fast loading) april fools joke, and in the long run, isn't that all you can expect? Grade: C- click to see FULL page UGO (website) Sims Feet Under What was the joke? Are you ready for the next Sims game? You let your life get sucked away in the first game. And after a couple of years you feel you are free of your addiction. But now we have SIM FEET UNDER. A very clever joke on Six Feet Under. This UGO piece features some information on this fake game. I can't believe they beat us to this ... Was it Funny? Of all thee great parodies found this april fools (there were great parodies this year??), you have to admit that Sims Feet Under is high on the list! Sure it's a bit wordy (and since I've never actually seen Six Feet Under I don't understand a lot of the jokes), but it's also a great article. It features quotes from Sid Meier to overstate the quality of the product, and that is damn cool. Grade: A click to see FULL page Virtual Boy Net (website) Gone Blind! What was the joke? Oh no! Defunct Games' staff reporter has gone blind ... no, I'm not kidding (but he is). It looks like after reviewing all but a couple Virtual Boy games, Ferry has hurt his eyes beyond recovery. We feel for the dude. Was it Funny? Just about any Nintendo joke is funny ... especially ones about systems that really COULD hurt you. And if anybody knows the pain of playing the Virtual Boy for long hours it's Ferry. But what is that picture supposed to be?? Grade: B click to see FULL page WarCraft III (website) The New Race What was the joke? It's a new race ... and it's a race of Pandas! And there's ALL sorts of pictures to prove they exist. There are three game play shots (One and Two)! And don't forget the drawings ... and there are a lot of neat designs to ponder (samurai pic one, samurai pic two, war dancer, and the Geomancer). there really is a lot of humor on this april fools joke. Was it Funny? Well ... it's not really funny, but there's so much attention to detail here it's worth admiring. But it's not really funny. It's silly. But it's not really funny. But it's an amazing update, and you need to check all the pictures out. Amazing. Grade: A- click to see FULL page Working Designs (website) Arc the Ladd Xbox News What was the joke? That's right, this little joke might not be much, but it's something worth checking out. The long awaited Arc the Lad collection will be coming ... to the Xbox. What's this, three Xbox jokes? Was it Funny? Well, if you get the joke it is. But this will likely go over most peoples heads. No matter, it's a great picture, and a good way to get your name out. You gotta love that. The Arc the Lad Collection is coming ... eventually. Grade: B Sometimes april fools jokes aren't actually jokes. Here's an example of some sobering news that isn't very at all. Not at all. click to see FULL page The Gia (website) Game Over What was the joke? One of the most esteemed sites of the last few years was the Gia, and as of April first they have closed their doors forever. Like the Daily Radar, Game Fan online, and, the internet just couldn't keep this specialty site open. The Gia was a great place to get useful Japanese information, as well as the first news on role playing games. Was it Funny? No. The fact of the matter is, one should not close down shop on April Fools Day. (Of course, what am I to say? I opened this site on April Fools Day). Anyway, it's never funny when a site closes. But sometimes it has to happen. Grade: N/A


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