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Help Us Make The Adventures of GamePro Series!
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on June 21, 2016   |   Episode 117 (Show Archive)  

Defunct Games needs your help! We're looking to recreate The Adventures of GamePro comic strip as a long-form episodic internet play. I would like to use different voice actors, the music from the games, sound effects and dramatic timing to bring these comic strips to life. It's an ambitious project that will give modern gamers a chance to experience the cheesy fun of GamePro.

Here's how it works: We want you to record a sample of you performing one of the roles from the list. You can choose one character or try your hand at every single one; it's entirely your choice. We will choose the best entries based on performance and sound quality. If we like what we hear, we'll contact you with the rest of that character's lines. You can send your audio samples to us in a number of ways, but it will probably be easiest to send us an email to

Red, Yellow, Purple and Blue Monks

Characters with very limited (but important) roles. Each of the four monks only has one or two lines in total.


A giant lumbering robot who occasionally has things to say. We may digitize the voice for an added robot sound. Battletron only has a few lines over the course of several episodes.

Horned Creature

This character doesn't say much, he only grunts. With no actual dialog, these sounds will need to stand out.


Although he's one of the most iconic villains of all time, Dracula doesn't say much in The Adventures of GamePro. This character only has a few lines of dialog.

Beach Announcer

We need somebody to make the California Games announcements over the speakers. It's a very small and simple role.

California Dudes

There are two California dudes that need to be cast. There's one dude who only has one line, but the other has a much larger role. Both should have a stereotypical surfer dude accent.

The Evil Darkling

This is one of the main villains of the piece. The Evil Darkling has horns and a menacing tone, so the person that plays him needs to sound creepy. This character has quite a few lines, even though he doesn't show up until halfway through the first season.

Sir Arthur

One of the most iconic roles is Sir Arthur, the star of the Ghosts 'N Goblins franchise. He's given a lengthy back and forth with Alex West that proves important to the story.

Young Boys

There are two young boys we need to cast, both sitting in front of a Genesis and playing the GamePro game. They have a short conversation before realizing they need to run home for dinner.

Alien Pilots

There are two alien pilots flying through outer space. They have a short conversation that will play an important role later in the series.

Fly Monster

There's a Fly Monster that attacks Alex West. He doesn't have many lines, but needs to be menacing.


The villain of Ghouls 'N Ghosts plays a role in The Adventures of GamePro. He towers above Alex and Arthur, so the voice actor should sound equally large. He'll also need to yell in agony at certain points of the story, so voice actor will need to have a great scream.
Please let us know if you're interested in being part of The Adventure of GamePro. We're looking for a lot of unique voices and would love to add yours to the mix. If you're not interested in voice acting, I hope you'll help spread the word about this ambitious project. With your help, this is guaranteed to be the best version of The Adventures of GamePro ever published to YouTube.


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