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Bad Advertisement
Spud's Adventure on Game Boy - Advertisement Review
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on July 25, 2007   |   Episode 152 (Show Archive)  

You know, eggplants get a bad rap! I'm sick and tired of all these classic video games trying to tell me that eggplants are some evil group that is dead set on ruining your life. According to classic video games the eggplant is the Nazi of the food world; it's a type of veggie that deserves to be annihilated from the planet! But eggplants aren't that bad. Oh sure, I'm not a huge fan of these purple vegetables, but who am I to judge one veggie from another? Maybe the eggplant is just misunderstood? Perhaps it's the tomatoes and potatoes that are the real jerks of the food world, we just don't know that because the potato lobbyists are more effective than those working for the eggplant.

Either way, Spud's Adventure is another propaganda piece where you play a pudgy little potato on a quest to save his tomato girlfriend from the evil eggplants. And this time around we learn that the eggplant isn't the only veggie jerk, because we see a carrot with a bomb and a sneaky green pepper. Wait, carrots are bad for you? How can something that helps my eyesight be bad for me? When I look at games like this I just get the feeling that I'm missing the context, why do I feel like twenty years from now I'm going to learn that everything I know about vegetables is wrong?

One thing this review tries to do is paint Spud's Adventure as some huge quest that will take you hundreds (if not thousands) of hours to complete. "Fight, dodge and run through a seemingly endless array of puzzles and mazes!" Seemingly endless? "Non-stop action!" Really? Non-stop?? Am I trying to bring peace to the vegetable kingdom or the Middle East? My favorite part of this advertisement comes in the screenshot, which shows the absolute least interesting picture of the game you could possibly take. It appears to be part of a cinema, but they don't even let the character say the full comment. But maybe they didn't need to finish the statement, maybe they are hoping that it's compelling enough for you to buy the game and see what the last few words of the comment are.

FROM: Aliens in Bad Advertising


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