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34 Theme Songs of Christmas
Theme - OutRun 2019 (Genesis)
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on December 18, 2012   |   Episode 27 (Show Archive)  

It's the time of the year when the days get shorter, retailers stay open longer, big games are released and there seems to be a holiday every other week. Defunct Games wants to ring in this festive season with a look at the most memorable video game themes of all time. For five weeks straight, Cyril Lachel and Kevin Bailey will share their thoughts on themes from the last thirty years. Join us every day between November 22 and December 25 for The 34 Game Themes of Christmas!
OutRun 2019
[ Company: Sega | Year: 1993 | Console: Genesis ]
Synopsis: Contrary to the name, this Genesis sequel didn't start out as an OutRun game. Instead it was Cyber Road, a futuristic Sega CD racing game. Later, when it looked like the Sega CD wasn't going to be the big success Sega hoped for, production was moved to the Genesis and called Junker's High. Eventually it became OutRun 2019, a kinda/sorta-sequel to one of Sega's biggest arcade games.

If this theme song is to be believed, then 2019 will be the year of the rockin' harpsichord. This is a high-energy song that calls back to the original OutRun in absolutely no way. Despite completely missing the tone of the original, this theme throws a dizzying amount of high-pitched notes at you all at once. While musically interesting, you can almost see the holes in the wall from where the notes hit. Eventually the songs break down into something of a chorus. We're finally given a break from the headache-inducing melody, but the speedy drumbeat is there to remind you that it's only a matter of time before the song loops back to those shrill notes. All this would have worked in a Vectorman game, but not a breezy racing game.

OutRun 2019 was certainly optimistic about the near future with its combination of a 692mph jet propelled street car and numerous transparent bridges. Its theme song was more grounded in the early 90s though, the developers quite clearly clinging to the hard rock and heavy metal of the 80s. Honestly, I feel like this is a good thing. Had they correctly guessed the popular music of the 2010s, we'd be stuck with some real garbage. Regardless, this theme song is great for a racing game. It's exciting and surprisingly varied. You have your standard crazy lead guitar riff with a similarly busy keyboard part joining in to harmonize. Unfortunately, they leave the bass playing root notes, and the drums only get a couple of fills. Overall though, I think it works pretty well.

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