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33 Consoles of Christmas
Tiger (1997)
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on December 11, 2006   |   Episode 19 (Show Archive)  

It's time once again for Defunct Games' 33 Consoles of Christmas, your 33 part guide to the best and worst system designs of all time. Join Cyril Lachel and Chad Reinhardt as they judge 33 different game consoles based on what they think of the look. Forget about actual hardware and software, the only thing these guys care about is talking about their exterior design. Join us every day between November 23 and December 25 for a new console review!

Synopsis: Think the Nintendo DS is the first portable game system with a touch screen? Then you obviously haven't seen Tiger Electronic's, the crazy black and white portable that holds two games, offers built-in games, and even offers a calculator. Believe it or not, the was the first portable to house such games as Fighters Megamix and Resident Evil. Unfortunately none of those games were worth playing and the failed to drum up any momentum after its failed launch.

Best Games: There were good games for the

If the isn't the ugliest system of all time then I don't know what is. Compared to the other portable systems of the time, the is enormous. It's also black and white and offers a screen that is extremely difficult to see. This system had two things going for it: it allowed you to load two games at once and featured a touch screen. Unfortunately neither of these aspects is worth talking about. What is worth talking about is the ugly shape, which actually made it very difficult to play the games. Not that you would want to since the games were so bad. There is a place for the pencil-sized stylus in the front, but that was yet another one of those questionable design choices that ended up making the whole thing look messy. On top of that the system had the world's most boring color scheme ... but what do you expect from a portable called

Wow, can you say generic? This looks like every Tiger pocket game ever made, which may have been intentional. If that's the case I'm almost glad the system was such a dismal failure. I've never personally owned one of these, so I cannot comment on its weight or its feel. It appears sturdy enough, and I like the button placement. I am reminded of the Wonderswan and Neo Pocket when looking at this one, but on a more generic scale; I just can't shake that word. Making a handheld system is a serious gamble, and when a moderately popular player like Tiger tries to go big against the mighty handheld manufacturers like Nintendo, it's nearly suicide. This one just wasn't in the cards.


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