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33 Consoles of Christmas
Super Famicom (1990)
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on December 03, 2006   |   Episode 11 (Show Archive)  

It's time once again for Defunct Games' 33 Consoles of Christmas, your 33 part guide to the best and worst system designs of all time. Join Cyril Lachel and Chad Reinhardt as they judge 33 different game consoles based on what they think of the look. Forget about actual hardware and software, the only thing these guys care about is talking about their exterior design. Join us every day between November 23 and December 25 for a new console review!

Synopsis: As you no doubt already know, the Super Famicom was the Japanese version of the Super NES. It was released in Japan nearly a full year before our Super NES and featured a design that made all of the video game magazines swoon. The system came with a stable of popular franchises, like Mario, Zelda and Metroid. Along the way the Super Famicom managed to secure some of the biggest third party games of all time, including Capcom's Street Fighter II and Square Soft's Final Fantasy series.

Best Games: Street Fighter II, Super Mario World, Final Fantasy III, Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario RPG and many more!

It takes one heck of a design to make me completely forget that a console has an unnecessary eject button. Those who have been paying attention to Chad and my reviews over the past few days will no doubt remember that I railed against the Super NES for its unneeded eject button. But for some odd reason I don't mind the quirk when it comes to the Super Famicom. Without a doubt, the Super Famicom is by the best looking video game console ever created. While it's certainly possible that other systems will receive the coveted "A" grade in the future, none are as sexy as this Japanese console. I love every aspect of this console, from the familiar color scheme to its long sleek shape. The Super NES was a boxy mess, but this console is so sexy that I want to take it to bed with me and snuggle up with it. Even the cartridges looked good when protruding from the system's top. The only problem I have with the Super Famicom is that it ends up making everything else look ugly by comparison. When you see a console like the Super Famicom it makes you angry that Nintendo decided to sprinkle ugly dust all over the Super NES instead of just giving us this work of art. The Super Famicom is the closest thing we have to video game console perfection.

The Super Famicom really looks like the successor to the original Famicom, but still feels stuck in the eighties. The decision to use a button/switch combo was a bold one, and I personally don't think it works in the systems favor. Granted the American SNES has switches, but I feel they look a tad sleeker and fitting then its Japanese brother. The same grey color is applied here, and I haven't a complaint with that. I like the little four color logo, and the top of the system looks exactly like the mousepad for Mario Paint. It's very surprising to me that the two systems could look so very different, but they really do. I feel more like grilling a sandwich with it than playing Star Fox, but I can't argue with that; what's better than eating a grilled sandwich and playing Star Fox? Not bad, but not quite as pleasing as the SNES.


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