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31 Bonus Levels of Christmas
Final Fight/Street Fighter II: "Oh My Car!"
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on December 25, 2010   |   Episode 31 (Show Archive)  


It's that time of year again, a time when Defunct Games celebrates the holidays by posting a daily theme article that should inform and delight gamers all over the world. This year we're taking a look at 31 of the best-known bonus stages in all of video games. Each day we're going to look at a different level and review it, while also trying to figure out what makes it tick. Join us as we post a new episode of the 31 Bonus Levels of Christmas every day leading up to the biggest holiday of the year!
Final Fight/Street Fighter II:
"Oh My Car!"
[ Console: Arcade | Year: 1989/1991 | Grade: A+ ]

There's something liberating about beating up a brand new car!
The Context: From a gameplay standpoint, Final Fight and Street Fighter couldn't be any more different. One requires well-timed combinations and a working knowledge of the moves, while the other is a button masher. But don't let the difference in game mechanics fool you, because there has always been a link between these two franchises. Long before Guy and Rolento made their way into the Street Fighter Alpha series, Capcom was already linking these two properties. No matter whether you were fighting off hundreds of Mad Gear gang members or going one-on-one on an army base, both games made players participate in the same bonus stage. This parked car stage is iconic, easily ranking as one of the most popular bonus levels of all time. While both games have

What happens in the Final Fight bathrooms STAYS in the Final Fight bathrooms!
their own take on the destruction, the ultimate result is fun and satisfying no matter which title you choose.

The Rules: In both games, the player is tasked with tearing apart an abandoned car. This can be accomplished any number of ways, including fireballs, uppercuts, spinning bird kicks and, of course, traditional punches. Players will need to work their way around the entire frame of the vehicle, taking out the sides, windows and hood. Eventually the car will fall apart, rewarding the player with massive points. In Final Fight, the owner of the car would discover the damage, fall to his knees and cry over his loss. That's what you get for messing with Haggar's daughter!

The Verdict: Bar none, this is one of my favorite bonus stages of all time. There's a reason I kept this game for last. If you asked me what type of object I want to vent my frustration on, ten times out of ten I'm

Make no mistake about it, you'll need a lot longer than 40 seconds to beat up a real car!
going to point to a car. I have nothing against cars, I love driving around and they have saved my life in more than one occasion. But there's something about seeing the bits and pieces fall off that is satisfying every single time. This stage also requires a lot of strategy, especially when playing it in Street Fighter II (or IV). You can't just stand on one side punching the door, this stage rewards players for coming up with creative ways to damage all sides of this poor dude's ride. If there's a more therapeutic bonus stage, I definitely haven't seen it.

Completely Missing the Point: I could spend the rest of this article nitpicking inconsistencies with Street Fighter II lore, or I could do the right thing and wish you a Merry Christmas. After a month of non-stop articles, we've finally made it to the end. At long last I can get back to playing all the games I missed throughout the year, all in prep for my big year-end Best of 2010 article. But don't you worry about that, because today is about coming together and enjoying family. So get out there and make the holidays as happy as you can. See you in 2011!


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