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Ultima IV Reviewed by Tom Lenting on . Rating: 50%
Ultima IV
Ultima IV Ultima IV Ultima IV Ultima IV
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Longtime Ultima fans will say that graphics aren't the most important part of a game. Most Ultima games look downright ugly, so who can blame them? Well, I can't - I enjoyed a shareware edition of Ultima III: Exodus on my Mac back in the day, despite its horrible appearances. Because of these fond memories, I decided to give Ultima IV for the Sega Master System a try.

Oh good Lord ... I'm the first to shout graphics aren't important, but why is it all so freaking tiny? All the characters and environments are so small (and besides that very low on color) that it's hard so figure what's going on if you don't move a lot closer to your screen.

Ultima IV: Quest for the Avatar is a role-playing game in which your goal is to become the Avator (instead of fighting some kind of evil, as common among RPG's) - a kind of role model for everyone else around. This must thy do by mastering seven virtues - none of which I managed to do. 'Why did thy not?', you rightfully ask. 'Because', I'll tell you, 'you need the patience of a saint to sit this game through. And since I'm not a saint, let alone have the patience of one, I couldn't manage it.'

The endless wandering (which seems pointless) on dull landscapes, the random battles with the frustrating controls that seem impossible to win, the never ending small talk of all kind of folks on your way ... it's just too much.

However, I'm pretty sure there is a very deep, involving and even rewardig game somewhere hidden in Ultima IV: Quest for the Avatar. I just don't think there are many games who have the patience to get it out.
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