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Blade Force Reviewed by Jonathan Bradley on . Rating: 92%
Blade Force
Blade Force Blade Force Blade Force Blade Force
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After spending hundreds of dollars on a 3DO, owners spent the majority of their time waiting for validation of their purchase to come in the way of exclusive top-tier titles. The sad reality is that there just wasn't enough good content coming out for the console to quell the anxiety they must have felt while watching the Super NES and Sega Genesis pumping out carts after cart and seeing the Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64 (then known as "Project Reality") lurking in the distance. Those who held on to the system late in its life (or those who have since picked it up on eBay) were and are in for a treat when it comes to Blade Force, a high-quality title from Studio 3DO.

This is really one of the only 3DO games to have aged well, even after you strip nostalgia away from it. It is a fully 3D adventure with a unique premise - you fly a helipak around the city of MegaGrid killing bad guys to try and save the city. Reviews for the game in upon its release were unanimous in their praise. Everything from the graphics, which are still impressive considering the systesm came out in '93, to the soundtrack and depth were all held as it strong points.

After popping in Blade Force in the present time you need to first be patient. The controls will seem confusing and you'll wonder when the story gets started but once you get the hang of it and allow yourself to enjoy the game play you will realize the strength of this game. The production values were outstanding for its time and you'll notice that during the cut scenes, which unlike a great deal of games during this period, are impressive and look beautiful. The first stage is a practice stage to become familiar with its controls.

What I like the most about this game is how fast it moves. The frame rate is smooth no matter how much action there is (and there is plenty of action to be had) and the whole time you've got the helipak spinning above you! That brings me to the sound. The soundtrack meshes well with the game and the overall sound is great as well. Everything from the blade's whirring above you as you fly to the explosions can be heard crisply and clearly.

This game would have been very easy for Studio 3DO to phone in, but from the very start of the game you can tell that the programmer's took time to craft a unique and quality experience. Blade Force, by Studio 3do, is a must own for the 3do.
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