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Bloody Wolf Reviewed by Jason Clark on . Rating: 78%
Bloody Wolf
Bloody Wolf Bloody Wolf Bloody Wolf Bloody Wolf
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Games used to be so simple. Before the likes of Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon, the job of the military was a lot different. Only the lone commando was capable of taking down the enemy, Rambo taught us that.

Bloody Wolf was one of the first titles for the TurboGrafx when the system was released in the U.S. I remember playing the game many years ago and I didn't get into the action until now. On the surface it seems like a Commando or Ikari Warriors rip-off, but this game offers much more.

The plotline follows your efforts to save the President from the enemy (yes it's that vague) and rescue POW's. In a top down view your character moves through the levels mowing down bad guys. You start with a standard machine gun and can upgrade to a three way shot, grenades, and a flame thrower. Occasionally you will find keys to unlock crates that contain weapons or health. The plus is the inclusion of a jump button. This opens up the game play to platforming over bridges, climbing ladders, trees, and mountains while blasting everything in sight. The use of the terrain in the level design is what makes the game interesting. Just when things get droll suddenly a log rolls out or a parachuting soldier. Beware the dreaded motorcyclist that delivers unfair hits every time. The POW's are sometimes hidden inside of buildings that become separate levels themselves.

Graphically I always thought things were a little overly detailed in this game. I don't mean the cool effect of the blood pooling from the enemy when you shoot them but the use of texture and shading. Some of the characters and backgrounds look too busy. The game has good graphics throughout especially giant tanks, helicopters, and submarine bosses you will encounter. Take heed, the slow down is incredible during points of the game. It reminds you of the limitations of the hardware but it definitely hurts when it happens. Hurts the game play, hurts my rating, and hurts my soul.

Bloody Wolf is one of the better US Turbo releases. It's a lot more forgiving than the similar Last Alert but still enjoyable and fun. Give it some time and you'll be digging out your Rambo headband in no time.
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