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In the Hunt Reviewed by Josh Dollins on . Rating: 71%
In the Hunt
In the Hunt In the Hunt In the Hunt In the Hunt
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Sadly, In the Hunt is one of the most underrated shooters for the Sega Saturn. It was ignored in its time due to the increased popularity of 3D games, and it is even more so ignored today due to the obscurity incurred by being an unpopular game on a not so successful system. Although it's a crude comparison, the best way to describe In the Hunt is to say that it's nothing more than an underwater version of the Irem classic, R-Type. But that's not a bad thing, since R-Type is still regarded as one of the greatest 2D shooters of all time.

Despite being universally ignored, I rather like In the Hunt. In fact, I like this game a lot. The 2D graphics remind me of many other great shooters (artistically speaking it resembles SNK's Metal Slug series quite a bit). The sprites are gigantic, the animation is of a high quality and the destruction quotient is way up there. Your yellow submarine (which is not to be confused by The Beatles Yellow Submarine) shoots torpedoes forward, fires missiles overhead, and drops mines below. Projectiles leave wild-looking bubble streams in their wake, and huge splashes ignite across the water's surface. Spectacular explosions and chain reactions create havoc below. While most of your foes are underwater, you can also surface to shoot ships, planes, and even buildings. Structures standing above the waterline collapse in a heap into the water below.

The graphics are beautiful and intense; there is definitely a lot going on at all times. The music is nothing special; it's just your typical shooter soundtrack. However two things seriously hurt the game and cut it short of pure excellence. For one thing the game suffers from slowdowns, which are nearly unbearable, especially when playing with a friend. The other problem is the fact that (unlike most shooters) the game doesn't reset your score after you continue. Despite these flaws this is still an excellent and undeservedly ignored game.

While it was ignored at the time because of its 2D look, there's no reason you should ignore this classic Sega Saturn game (that is also available on the original PlayStation). If you still can't get over the 2D look, then perhaps you should check out the equally awesome PlayStation 2 sequel, Sub Rebellion. Either way you go, you won't be disappointed with this forgotten franchise.
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