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Clockwork Knights 2 Reviewed by Josh Dollins on . Rating: 78%
Clockwork Knights 2
Clockwork Knights 2 Clockwork Knights 2 Clockwork Knights 2 Clockwork Knights 2
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Only months after the release of the original Clockwork Knight Sega released its sequel, Clockwork Knight 2 for the Sega Saturn. Once again the Princess has been kidnapped and you're the only knight who is capable of saving her. The story hasn't changed much since the original but the graphics certainly have and definitely for the better.

The introduction is excellent and maintains the quality level of the previous game. It's sort of like watching an intro to a new cartoon when you were a kid (or even now) The game opens with what happens to the princess during what appears to be a big celebration to the end of the previous game.

After the intro you will skip the typical first level and go straight to a boss. It's not difficult at all however, once this is over you see the Princess being taken away again by bats this time.

One could say it is only from this point that the game really begins. The first room, which is the kid's room, contains two levels plus the boss round, and the other rooms are generally built the same way. The levels in Clockwork Knight 2 are somehow more entertaining than the ones from the original game. Although the game looks basically the same, special care was given to graphical details and the levels conception, or else I'm just going blind or am completely out of my mind (both very real possibilities). I played for several hours with Clock Work Knight, but I didn't have the same kind of fun I had with the sequel.

The power-ups and extra-bonuses are quite similar. You will find them in eggs located throughout the different levels. If you hold one and throw it against another toy or any obstacle, the shell will blow up and will free its contents. It can be a bonus to restore your health, give you an extra life or to be invulnerable for a limited amount of time, etc.

You will also collect watches and coins. Some of them are hidden in the eggs, but for the most part, they're placed everywhere. Sometimes, it might not be easy to find them as they might be in locations where it is not possible to go with only one jump, but you will easily find that out for yourself. It'll be like a treasure hunt! The watches reward you with small amounts of extra-time, and if you find enough of them, you might be surprised to see how much you will gain. Bonus points are awarded for the amount of time you have left when a level is completed. The coins are useful when you have completed a room. You will be able to gamble your coins, like at a casino, to gain more coins or to win additional lives.

Clockwork Knight 2 has three levels of difficulty, but I assure you that even at the easiest level the game remains a tough challenge, especially with the three bosses at the end of the second room.

Clockwork Knight 2 was innovative at the time for its 3D graphics and holds up well today. Everything looks great and the soundtrack is also quite good. And most importantly the game is fun to play, if you own a Saturn this is yet another excellent title to pick up.
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