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Kinnikuman Nisei: Dream Tag Match Reviewed by Tom Lenting on . Rating: 64%
Kinnikuman Nisei: Dream Tag Match
Kinnikuman Nisei: Dream Tag Match Kinnikuman Nisei: Dream Tag Match Kinnikuman Nisei: Dream Tag Match Kinnikuman Nisei: Dream Tag Match
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Seriously, how terrible can a title of games be? Kinnikuman Second Generation Dream Tag Match surely is one of the main competitors for corniest title ever. Though I'm not even sure it is called like that, it's only a translation I found on the internet. Because, in this review, we once more explore the world of Japanese gaming on the WonderSwan.

What I found out about Kinnikuman is that he's another Japan-only superhero and started out as a parody of Ultraman, that other Japanese superhero I only can think of as selling washing powder. Initially Kinnikuman's powers came from eating garlic (don't ask), and if he ate enough he could grow into a giant to fight monsters. But, as the animated series about this goofy looking anima-like character with huge lips developed, it began focusing on professional wrestling in which Kinnikuman had to wrestle parodies of yet other (sigh) popular Japanese superheroes.

So what we have here is actually a wrestling game. As ever, they're multiple options available and again I can't tell you what they are, because I still haven't ordered my advanced course Japanese. The appearance in the intro of Kinnikuman makes me sick, because his lips are so huge it looks like he has herpes disease. My free advice to any female Japanese superheroes is to don't make out with him.

For the game I must say this is one of the best looking WonderSwan titles I have experienced thus far. The graphics are crisp and clear and very colorful and the animation is pretty good, too. Maybe it looks a bit childish, but it works fine and in-game the characters look quite funny. The sound is well fitted too, though nothing out of the extraordinary. The game is very easy to pick up and the fighting engine works quite well, at least it's easy to pull off some moves. The fights take place in a wrestling area and it's possible to make use of the rings to jump on your opponents, which works pretty good too.

I have no idea why this game is 'second generation' or what is meant by the 'dream tag match'. But overall I found this a fairly accessible and enjoyable WonderSwan title, which looks refreshing and is worth a try. Kinnikuman easily kicks Ultraman's butt as being the best superhero fighting game on the Wonderswan. Kinnikuman Go Fight!
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