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Robo Army Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 57%
Robo Army
Robo Army Robo Army Robo Army Robo Army
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  • C+
While Robo Army may be no Final Fight, it's also not nearly as horrible as the Legend of Success Joe! At least Robo Army has a few twists through it's story telling, and the game isn't really all that bad, if you can get past the all too simple game play.

For an early game, Robo Army looks damn good, and has some pretty interesting uses of game effects. It features your Army of one (and yes, you can play this two players) busting heads in six different locations of Downtown. Each level is unique, and all of them are pretty interesting, for what they are. But here's the biggest surprise of them all: Robo Army doesn't feature an elevator level so common with this style of game.

You can pick up power ups, but they only seem to help your life and your SUPER attack (which varies depending on how full it is). And the characters you fight aren't really any more interesting, either. But this game isn't a complete snore fest. It is a pretty fun guilty pleasure ... that after beating you won't ever visit again!
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