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Art of Fighting 3 Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 71%
Art of Fighting 3
Art of Fighting 3 Art of Fighting 3 Art of Fighting 3
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After Art of Fighting and Art of Fighting 2, I was not expecting the second sequel to be anything worth checking out. But, I must say, Art of Fighting 3 improves on just about every complaint I had of the series. The problem is, after taking years to finally make the adequate upgrades so they can compete with other fighting games, Art of Fighting 3 is still years behind fighting games of the era.

The play control has finally been increased, as have the graphics. The new characters are fantastic, however, I wonder why they didn't try fitting all of the characters onto one menu screen. Regardless, the game plays phenomenally, and I have no problems going back and playing over and over. It's the best of the series, but that's not saying a damn thing.

Compared to other fighting games, even ones by SNK, Art of Fighting 3 is weak, but if you are planning on buying one Art of Fighting game ... well, I would still opt for Samurai Shodown II.
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