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Judgement Silversword Reviewed by Josh Dollins on . Rating: 92%
Judgement Silversword
Judgement Silversword Judgement Silversword Judgement Silversword Judgement Silversword
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Judgement Silversword is a fan-made homage to Radiant Silvergun, one of the best shoot 'em-ups ever released. Judgement Silversword was the winner of the WWGP 2001 WonderWitch programming contest, and it's easy to see why when you check out this solid action game.

Judgement Silversword stays true to the source material; it offers a classic vertical scrolling shooter style, complete with power-ups, hectic graphics and a punishing difficulty. The game even takes advantage of the Wonderswan Color/Crystal's ability to play games vertically, making the game all the more impressive and enjoyable. In fact, up to one hundred particles can be displayed on the screen at one time, which is even more impressive when you look at the archaic hardware the game is running on. There are three difficulties (easy, medium, and hard) that test players through the thirty different levels, so anyone, regardless of skill level, should be able to have fun.

The button layout works well on the system. The Y buttons serve as the D-Pad while the X buttons are used for offense and defense. X1 sprays bullets fanning five directions from the ship, X2 shoots a powerful straight shot, while X4 brings up the ship's shield. Response is tight and precise as it should be for this type of game.

I already pointed out that the game can pump out a full hundred particles on the screen at once. When you get up there though, there is a little slow down but not enough to harshly affect gameplay, try to play this on anything other than a WonderSwan though and you will experience more lag . The graphics are colorful, crisp, and very well done.

Replay value is excellent. If you're a fan of the genre then you will want to try harder difficulty levels and attempt to beat your scores and other people's high scores. Like all games in the genre, Judgement Silversword is a linear experience that requires you to play through it dozens of times before you memorize every last guy and boss pattern. If you're into this kind of game then you should be hooked on this game for weeks.

The game is amazing and one of the best for the WonderSwan Color/Crystal. If not for the rarity and extreme price, this would be a must buy for everybody. If, however, you are a shooter fan and want to play the game and play it right then I recommend searching for and buying this game.
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