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Art of Fighting 2 Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 10%
Art of Fighting 2
Art of Fighting 2 Art of Fighting 2 Art of Fighting 2 Art of Fighting 2
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  • D-
Upon making a sequel you should improve upon many of the complaints raised by the first game. But that's not all, you should also make sure you make it worthwhile to own, or even play. And while Art of Fighting 2 does indeed improve, there is almost no reason to buy it all at the same time.

The good news is that the game is not confined to a bulky story mode, which was my main complaint about the first game. The bad news, though, is except for that feature, nothing else has been improved. There are the token new characters, but the graphics certainly aren't very good, and no better than the first game. The new backgrounds aren't at all interesting, and really, there is no reason to buy this game.

The one thing I wanted to be fixed is the sub par control. But what we get is an exact rehash of the originals sluggish controls. There is no excuse for controls like this, after thousands of examples of good fighting game control, anybody who puts out a game with this sluggish feel is just lazy. Unless you are a masochist, Art of Fighting 2 is not recommended at all.
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