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Puzzle Bobble Again Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 71%
Puzzle Bobble Again
Puzzle Bobble Again Puzzle Bobble Again Puzzle Bobble Again Puzzle Bobble Again
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Like too many puzzle games before and after it, Bust a Move is a puzzler that is next to impossible to improve. Programmers have been wresting with Tetris for years now, and not one of them have made the game better. Bust a Move 2 does a good job of trying to be a proper sequel, but falls flat on its face more than once.

Thankfully Bust a Move 2 plays exactly the same, so fans of the original can settle in right away. As before gamers need to shoot bubbles up towards a ceiling of multi-colored bubbles. When three or more of these colored bubbles touch they will break apart. It's sort of like a cross between Magic Drop and Buster Bros, if you can imagine that.

The problem here is that the game is almost exactly the same as the original. It offers the same two player mode, similar puzzles to solve, and exactly no graphical upgrades. In a puzzle game that's not a big deal, but if you already own the original, there is zero reason to own this. However, if this is the first time owning a Bust a Move game, then pick it up, it's a classic.
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