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Panic Bomber Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 50%
Panic Bomber
Panic Bomber Panic Bomber Panic Bomber
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Not every game can be Tetris, and there have been many games that have tried. Sadly Panic Bomber is no different.

Panic Bomber is a lot like Dr. Mario or any other licensed puzzle game. You combine like colors to destroy them. The only difference here is that there are bombs that both hinder and help. There is some fun variation to the old theme, but this game isn't anything new.

However, I did enjoy the game. The graphics are nice and bright, and the characters are extremely likable. There is a huge bomb that will destroy half of your "tiles", this is something to behold, and well worth the quarter it cost to play.

But it's extremely misleading when using Bomberman characters. This game only shares the bombs in the namesake. The two player mode is fun, but it's a far cry from the fun of Super Bomberman 2. The game is also geared slightly more at luck than skill, also, and that brings it's ultimate score down.

But if you are looking for a cute puzzler, and you've already exhausted Magical Drop and Bust A Move, chances are Panic Bomber will be right up your alley.
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