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Radirgy Reviewed by Chad Reinhardt on . Rating: 78%
Radirgy Radirgy Radirgy Radirgy
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In accordance with the yearly High Holiday for gamers known as "E" something, I present reviews for brand new games! Gamers refuse to let their mighty Dreamcast go quietly, and for that reason we now have games like Radirgy. With a flashy, Jet Grind Radio-look and a solid, frenetic old school shooter feel, Radirgy is just what the proverbial doctor that orders video games has, indeed ordered.

Don't let the cutesy cell-shaded anime presentation lead you astray; this is a very solid game. While the beginnings of each level offer a mini-tutorial (very unnecessary for a shooter), the game plays exactly as you would expect, with standard default weapons, smart bombs, and the ability to swing a sword when in close proximity of an enemy (?).

The game eases you into the craziness a bit; the first two levels are primarily there to give you an idea of what to expect later. After which the intensity increases exponentially, with waves of enemies to mow down and relentless enemy fire to avoid. The innocuous presentation the game begins with almost seems deliberately evil after the first few levels are behind you. And with a scant two credits, the feel goes from evil to merciless.

Not to beat a freshly slaughtered horse, but the look is really what sets this apart from other shooters. The music is more or less standard anime-inspired shooter ambiance, and the characters themselves look like characters pulled from any Sci Fi anime you've ever seen; or maybe EVERY Sci Fi anime you've ever seen. This one is really all about applying a shiny, cartoony coat of paint to an already well-rounded experience. While using a hook like this could have been disastrous, thankfully it works only in the game's favor. How depressing would it be if the latest Dreamcast game went down as being one the worst for that very reason?

This game is definitely worth a trip to one of the many import dealers on the internet. If you're serious about games, and very serious about the Dreamcast, then Radirgy should not be missed.
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