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Alien Syndrome Reviewed by Adrian Hall on . Rating: 20%
Alien Syndrome
Alien Syndrome Alien Syndrome Alien Syndrome Alien Syndrome
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Imagine waking up one day, going into the kitchen and making a piece of toast with butter. You stand eating it, contemplating what to do with your day, only to be startled as your mom gives you a blank stare and asks you how you can dare to do that in public. You look down, only to find hat your right hand has been ... busy ... and you didn't even know it.

This is just the kind of situation that you can expect in Alien Syndrome. Watch in joy as your seemingly possessed hand does your homework, or in shock as it beats your high score in Tetris. Ok, so it's totally cool to have a hand that does stuff on its own, but the prior situation simply isn't worth it. Maybe if you had partial contro l ...

Oh wait, I'm not reviewing Alien Hand Syndrome? I'm supposed to review Alien syndrome for the Sega Game Gear? Well ... it's less interesting but I'll do it anyway.

So you pick a girl character or a boy character with forgettable names (or both for multiplayer) and save hostages from spaceships. There are some aliens who don't pose that much of a threat and some pretty cool boss characters. The only real problem that you will find is that your gun doesn't really have a reliable rate of fire. You have to play the game to understand but suffice to say that it isn't pretty. This is not hard to deal with though and you'll be dropping things pretty fast. Unfortunately for you, there are a lot of aliens at work so dodging them becomes a chore quickly. This raises the challenge quite a bit and you'll find that getting past the first few areas is difficult. The game provides decent fun during this time, but not overwhelmingly so.

The graphics and sound are just kind of there by necessity. Much like the rest of the game, they aren't really interesting. Essentially this game suffers from not a whole lot interesting going on Syndrome. It will likely last you a bored evening looking for something to do after you have beaten Resident Evil 4 for the 80th time. Or maybe Thats just me ...
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