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Sewer Shark Reviewed by Chad Reinhardt on . Rating: 50%
Sewer Shark
Sewer Shark Sewer Shark Sewer Shark Sewer Shark
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Packing an arsenal that includes games such as Fahrenheit, Night Trap, and the Make My Video series, it's not difficult to see why the Sega CD was considered anything but stellar. Sewer Shark epitomized what FMV games were, the choppy, grainy graphics they employed, and the melodramatic actors they hired.

If you're a fan of careening through sewer tunnels and shooting at rats and other underworld anomalies, Sewer Shark was made for you! Conversely, if you enjoy solid gameplay, an engaging story with likeable characters, and diverse objectives, you may want to continue passing on this one.

The action essentially consists of nothing but negotiating tunnels, with the "help" of your robotic guide, and blasting the obligatory baddies that lie between you and the city you are sworn to protect. The game plays much the same as any other rail shooter, which is mediocre at best. That may explain why you don't see too many games of this genre these days. There is a HUD to guide you and warn you of upcoming obstacles, and it serves it purpose. Occasionally you will receive a video message from one of your higher-ups, usually to tell you how much you suck at what you do. You are a grunt, and the game refuses to let you forget that. It almost makes you wonder if the city you are protecting, being as full of bitchy personalities as it is, is really worth your efforts. If a game can't engage your interests in a more pleasing fashion that this, it is hardly worth investing much time in.

While I am usually un-impressed with much of the music you find in games such as these (my internal soundcard is still 8-bit), this one is a different story. The music was provided by none other than Spudboy Mark Mothersbaugh, of Devo fame. I enjoyed those beautiful square waves, portimento and all, every time I heard them. Of course, that's probably just the synth-loving music nerd in me shining through, but the music alone saved this game's grade a few percentage points.

So, there you have it; another FMV game which you never really feel in control of, complete with bad acting and crummy visuals. Even the juggernaut behind Mutato Musika couldn't fully redeem this one.
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