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Great Baseball Reviewed by Adrian Hall on . Rating: 1%
Great Baseball
Great Baseball Great Baseball Great Baseball Great Baseball
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There is only one thing I like more than a good game of baseball, and that's a GREAT game of baseball (well, not really, but bear with me on this one). Unfortunately, the naming department at Sega was banking on this a little too much and decided that the original title, Baseball (which would have been more accurate) should be changed. So let me introduce you to Great Baseball, a game that seems destined for disappointment. Now that I'm done getting pissed at the name, why don't I tell you why this game is so bad?

There are two different play modes in Great Baseball, pitching and hitting. While pitching, you really just hit the button and hope the guy doesn't connect. Hitting is a little more fun, but only for a while (this is all due to the intrinsic level of fun of hitting something with a bat). Um ... there is also some stat stuff, but I didn't understand it because everything is written in three letters) without a manual and when I changed things, it didn't really affect the game very much.

The graphics and sound in Great Baseball are of note, but graphics are certainly the least important part of any game, so the affect on my score is not very profound. Sorry baseball fans.
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