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Ninja Commando Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 50%
Ninja Commando
Ninja Commando Ninja Commando Ninja Commando
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There is a certain kind of game that is not being made any more. Oh sure, they don't make platformers like they used to, and sports games are a little less two dimensional, but games like Nam 1975, and it's obvious influence Cabal, just don't exist any more.

Nam 1975 is a shooter, but not like Doom or Contra. Instead, you are shooting away from you, even further into the screen. Your character (or in two player mode, players) run from left to right, dodging, shooting, and dodging. There really isn't a lot of technique here, it's mostly just a silly romp through seven levels of mindless shooting action.

The graphics are a major improvement over Cabal. However, the only way to really enjoy this game is with a rollerball. But all complaints aside, Nam 1975 may not represent actually being THERE, but it is an awful lot of fun to play. And with two players it can really get intenese. But it's going to last you 45 minutes, and about 8 dollars each person.

Nam 1975 is fun for exactly the right reasons, but is never better than entertainment. But if it's a whoopin' you're looking for ... ! Nam is good, clean fun for about an hour.
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