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Ultimate Fighting Championship Reviewed by Adrian Hall on . Rating: 71%
Ultimate Fighting Championship
Ultimate Fighting Championship Ultimate Fighting Championship Ultimate Fighting Championship Ultimate Fighting Championship
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It took me a while to pick up this game since I thought it was nothing more than a wrestling game. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this game is a mixture of many fighting styles (including wrestling) when I finally played for review purposes. Anyway, I'll shut up about that and bring you said review!

The presentation of this game is pretty good. The announcer VOs are decent and the music, though fairly sparse, is good while it lasts. The graphics are also pretty good, though nothing to write home about. The only really annoying thing is that the crowds look awful and there is only one arena. Beyond that, no gripes.

The gameplay is a mixed bag. There are lots of modes to pick from, including career which lets you make a character and spare with others to upgrade all of his (there are no girls in the game) stats through sparing with others. Unfortunately, the game gets difficult quickly due to an overly complicated grapple system (the game is much easier off the floor). Also, there are moves that can cause you to immediately lose through a tap out. This is very frustrating when just walking up to an opponent can cause them to kill you. You can use them to, but they are really hard. The standing combat is much better. Everything flows pretty well and it actually looks like a real fight.

This is a pretty good game if you are into that sort of thing. The grapple systems difficulty is a major flaw, but if you dedicate yourself than you will be able to win out. Not that anyone will care, making it a terrible waste of time. But this is about self-satisfaction right? Oh yeah, one last thing: that UFC logo is REALLY CREEPY!
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