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Ninja Combat Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 40%
Ninja Combat
Ninja Combat Ninja Combat Ninja Combat
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  • C-
One could argue that Ninja Combat should be given a little slack being as it's a first generation title and all, but I disagree. This game isn't good in any regard, first generation or not. It's simple, it's basic, and worst of all, it's not fun to play.

The game really lacks any originality at all, and even though it's a first generation title, really isn't worth the time it takes to beat. Each level is a test of button pushing as you make your way to the right. Do you like beating bosses more than once? How about more than twice? How about the ever so popular elevator levels? Well there are no less than five of them here. Of course, they only appear four levels in ... but once they are there, they're used over and over and over.

The game does have some merits, including multiple characters and a two player mode, but both are a little two sided. You see, while you are able to select from quite a few characters, including a samurai names Musashi, a woman fighter with the power of wind named Kagerow, a tough guy named Gembu, and the two main characters, Joe and Hayabusa, most of the characters are unable to pick up weapons or power up. Plus the two player mode only makes the game go by faster, instead of adding any real feeling of team work.

And did I mention that the game is horribly clich?? Just about every level can be guessed before even playing it, and the rules of Fighting Games seem to apply here. It's a shame Alpha couldn't add some originality to the genre, but perhaps that's asking too much. In the end the game pales in comparison to the other launch titles. Pick it up, only if there's nothing else to buy.
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