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Neo Mr. Do! Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 40%
Neo Mr. Do!
Neo Mr. Do! Neo Mr. Do! Neo Mr. Do!
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Do you remember Dr. Do? No no no ... not Dr. No, rather the original arcade classic Mr. Do. For those who are bored of their Frogger updates, Mr. Do is ready to bring back all the repetitive fun of the original.

The strange thing is that Mr. Do hasn't really changed much in 14 years. The graphics are a little better, but the levels and game play haven't changed much since I was playing this on my friends CollecoVision. The control is basically the same as before, and the enemies (especially their AI) hasn't improved at all. You can build up your characters attack, but you can just as easily dodge the enemies. Not much of a challenge.

In fact, there are fewer levels here than in the arcade original. While the levels look different, it's hard to recommend a game that takes about a half hour to beat. When games like Boxy Boy (Turbo Duo) features just about 2,000 levels, Neo Mr. Do provides us with a paltry 30 levels. And they don't even credit the people involved in the making!!

This is a difficult game to recommend, but if you're craving some classic gaming, it might be worth a look at.
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