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Aldynes Reviewed by Patrick O'Connor on . Rating: 20%
Aldynes Aldynes Aldynes Aldynes
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We are counting down the remaining SuperGrafx reviews, a system that has proven itself quite unique with its 3D capabilities, its Ghouls and Ghosts, and its endless amount of shooters. Okay, maybe it's not that endless. I have seen quite a few good shooters on this system, ranging from the top percentile to the just average, none so far have dipped as low as this game has, Aldynes is one of THE worst shooters on this system.

Let's not kid ourselves about this game; it isn't getting a low mark for its busy and intense shooting sequences, or its interesting shield system ... ok maybe a little on that last one. The firing is pretty basic, you just shoot at enemies who are rather good at dodging your fire, but you might as well hold your fire button down to charge up you infinite shield. Oddly enough, what ever touches your shield instantly explodes, Which should have made this game an easy task to get through. But don't be mistaken.

While the game sports some power-ups and the like, they end up being quite useless -- mainly in part to the fact that its one hit kill, and when you get hit you start ALL the way over from the start of the stage. Don't let the power-ups and kick ass shield system fool you though, this game has some of the worst collision detection ever ... it's like your target is a pixel disguised by a space craft. If you don't hit these things in the exact position you may as well not even try. With at least five enemies coming at you from below and two to three in the air, it is near impossible not to get hit and sent back to the beginning of the level.

The enemy design is pretty cool though, with Gundam like robots flying in at you, and Spider Tanks popping out from the ground below and some weird ass thing that I still can't place, but thought was a film canister. This game's graphics don't slack like the rest of the game, so I'll give it that, and only that. The boss battles are quite spectacular with unique design, and near impossible defeat, you really can only use one type of weapon against the bosses, and god help you if you didn't pick it up on the way in. god help you if you get hit fighting too, then you have to build your entire armament up from scratch.

I haven't seen a game this flawed since Mortal Kombat Advance; it just makes me want to vomit. I am quite surprised I was able to play more then 5 minutes of this game; at first it was fun dodging the fire, but when all is said and done, I wouldn't pick this game up ever again.
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