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Galactic Attack Reviewed by Chad Reinhardt on . Rating: 78%
Galactic Attack
Galactic Attack Galactic Attack Galactic Attack Galactic Attack
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Back in my days as a rock star we used to play a lot of shows, or "gigs" for those of you in the know, in a city not far from my own. We would always stay with the drummer of another band we played with, and that friend had a roommate with a handsome collection of games, spanning a modest amount of systems. One of those games was Galactic Attack for the Saturn. Now I've always had a penchant for shoot em' up games, so I was sucked into this one from the minute I sat down. It isn't by any means the greatest shooter I've ever played, but it certainly sufficed

While there is no real back story to speak of, who among the shooter fans out there needs a back story to know that you and you alone must save the galaxy from the threatening hordes of invading aliens? This is the generic recycled plot fro every game in this bane, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Graphically, this does feel a little dated, being ported directly from the arcade version. It doesn't boast the 3-D rendered models of a game like Radiant Silvergun, but it is a step above something like Raiden. The models, particularly for the enemies, are pretty damn big. The screen does tend to get a little congested when you're suppressing serious enemy fire. But I fell that just adds to the sense of tension, and makes for a far more enjoyable experience.

The level layout is also nothing you haven't seen before. From the planet you start on, to space, to the enemy's home planet, it's everything you would expect.

The weapon system is similar to games like Raystorm, where you have your main gun, and additional lock-on missiles. Upgrading your gun to the max is a great feeling, but oh how it hurts when you take a hit!

This isn't by any means the best shooting experience out there, especially not the greatest on available for the Saturn. But if you are a fan of the genre, and you're in Bozeman, give Captain Mike a call and go check this one out!
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