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Andro Dunos Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 50%
Andro Dunos
Andro Dunos Andro Dunos Andro Dunos Andro Dunos
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There is a certain check list it seems like each and ever shooter since 1986 has used. When was the last time you saw a shooter force you from right to left? When was the last time you were given new weapons? When was the last time you ever had to learn technique for flying?

Sadly, Andro Dunos is no different. The system may be more powerful, but the games aren't any more advanced. Even years later when Square released Einhander, you couldn't help but notice the lack of innovation since R Type and the Thunder Force series. There is nothing original about Andro Dunos, but it still does probe to be fun. And it's a bit longer than you may have anticipated.

The game does fall apart after a few levels, though. The levels aren't very diverse, and in general after the second level, they just didn't hold my interest. The game feels a little slow, too. Oddly enough, even though I have a laundry list of complaints, the game is slightly better than average. Worth checking out, but only if you are sick of Veiwpoint!
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