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Clockwork Knight Reviewed by Chad Reinhardt on . Rating: 71%
Clockwork Knight
Clockwork Knight Clockwork Knight Clockwork Knight Clockwork Knight
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Not to be confused the classic Kubrick film, this one is about a wind-up toy knight who goes on a quest to save the toy princess. A quirky hero on a quest to save a princess? Yeah, I know. But, regardless, this game isn't too bad. It isn't too great, but it isn't too bad.

Our tiny tin hero embarks on a quest through various rooms in a house, working his way to the evil depths of the basement to defeat its cruel master. The thing that set this one apart back in the long, long ago was its style. The character models are all three-dimensional but everything is on a 2D plane. I'm sure you saw a lot of this one back when the system launched. Looking back, it still has a certain old world charm about it.

The controls are so-so. They do feel a little loose at times, in that you may struggle to not over-jump a platform. Once you get him running it does look the way you might expect a tin knight to run, or maybe Jean Reno in The Visitors. The manner in which he attacks is also a bit different. Using his trusty key-sword he winds up enemies until they pop. You can press it gradually and destroy them eventually, or you can press the button rapidly and Pepperouchou spins very fast. It's a neat feature, and you can usually pull it off every time and not have to worry about something attacking you from behind.

While I like the tinkly kiddie style music, I could see how a lot of people might not. It definitely adds a whimsical atmosphere to the game. I sometimes get the bluesy tune from the later levels stuck in my head, then it occurs to me that I probably play more games than anyone in good conscious should. That's a topic for later discussion...

In short, this is a charming little game that launched with a system most people don't remember. It's fun to play, but very short, and not particularly challenging.
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