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ESWAT - City Under Siege Reviewed by Chad Reinhardt on . Rating: 50%
ESWAT - City Under Siege
ESWAT - City Under Siege ESWAT - City Under Siege ESWAT - City Under Siege ESWAT - City Under Siege
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"Good God!" exclaimed Chad after his first, incredibly short game play experience with ESWAT. If you've never played this one, watch out! It is merciless right from the get-go. Other than the extreme difficulty, though, it has nothing particularly original going for it.

This is another of the "Only you can save the world from the overwhelming evil!" mold. The city in which you're in has been overrun by thugs and it is up to ESWAT to clean up the streets. Which basically boils down to walking from left to right gunning down the scores of nogoodnicks who separate you from sweet, juicy justice!

At the beginning of each level you are shown a flashy mug shot of the main "perps" in said level, whom you must arrest. Good luck! As I mentioned above, this is an extremely hard game! You're to fight off guys from both sides, at all times. The occasional box or row of boxes will impede your path, and you have to time your jumps perfectly, between mowing down the un-ending waves of enemies, or you will jump right into a pile of them. You're given a partially full health meter, and once it's gone, so are you. No continues in this one. It's the type that will either keep you trying, in vain, to get better, or it's going to scare you the hell away!

But, again, aside from the difficulty level there's really nothing spectacular here. The character animations are nicely done. When you shoot someone they have a nice buckle and fall over animation, which is quite fluid. Your character seems very stiff in comparison.

On top of the action is an added level of strategy, as you have a limited amount of ammunition, but finding more rounds is never difficult.

If you want an insanely difficult experience, go check this one out. If you're already intimidated just from reading this review, I urge you to stay away! Far away!
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