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Impossamole Reviewed by Chad Reinhardt on . Rating: 40%
Impossamole Impossamole Impossamole
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What the hell is up with game? Seriously! I've played this one several times but quit because I simply hated the experience. Later I would feel as though I was too harsh, I would play it again, and quit feeling the same rage as I did the first time. NEC has some explaining to do!

In Impossamole you play as a superhero mole, I guess, who battles enemies decked out in ridiculously derogatory outfits based on the level you're in. The first level is the orient. At least we didn't have any flying bowls of noodles flying around, ala Chuka Taisen, but it isn't much better. Mice decked out in traditional robes, which, for some reason, are much larger than your mole, and samurai's who stick out there sword and hit you. That's literally all they do. You can't get close enough to attack them, so I assume the developers just thought the cheap hit o' meter wasn't registering high enough.

The first thing you'll notice is how extremely limited your range is where attacking your foes is concerned. Impossamole's kick attack extends a whopping three centimeters. If you don't press the attack button fast enough, you're hit. And being hit causes you to jump forward a few steps, just enough room for the enemy who hit you to turn around and hit you again! There's the cheap hit o' meter in action! I've found, upon deeper exploration, that you can kick enemies nearly an inch in front of you. It makes no sense!

The characters are animated fairly well; would it really have been so hard to give da mole a longer leg? As a final slap in the face, when you defeat an enemy it turns into a cassette tape looking item that you can pick up and throw over your enemies head! The speed at which your character walks and the speed at which the enemies approach is such that you cannot hit them directly by throwing this item! Piece of...

The music is nothing spectacular either. I wouldn't call it annoying, which is good, but I can't give it points for engaging your interests or in assisting the mood.

There is really nothing about this game that I can recommend. There are numerous fan sites dedicated to preserving this atrocity. I don't get it. Stay away from this one! I beg you!
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