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Asterix and the Great Rescue Reviewed by Chad Reinhardt on . Rating: 57%
Asterix and the Great Rescue
Asterix and the Great Rescue Asterix and the Great Rescue Asterix and the Great Rescue Asterix and the Great Rescue
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Oh how I wished they could have made a worthwhile Asterix and Obelix game. From the Game Gear to the Master System and a few on the Genesis, the Dynamic Duo just never quite found their niche no matter how hard Sega tried. This version may pique your interest a tad longer, especially considering this is the Game Gear and chances are you're playing this on the go. I would think, anyway. Does anybody still play their Game Gears on the go, or is it just me? Anyway...

Similarly to the other games in this franchise, you assume the role of one of two Vikings; Asterix, the hot-blooded short one, or Obelix, the lumbering gentle giant. While some versions split the levels between the two characters, or even allowing you to choose your character at the beginning, this version gives you the nice option of switching characters on the fly. Asterix is much faster, and more adept at negotiating small places, while Obelix uses his brute force to move objects across the screen to allow access to other areas.

While the speed factor is a given, in this version I don't feel one character is particularly stronger than the other. The collision diction is pretty abhorrent no matter who you choose. If you press the punch button and accidentally blink, you'll definitely miss it. Hell, if you DON'T blink chances are you'll miss it. You have to time these babies perfectly, or suffer the cheap shot consequences. Although it is rather rewarding when you pull it off, as different enemies require a greater number of hits, and watching them get the crap beat out of them is fun.

All senseless violence aside, this is as generic platformer as it gets. The soundtrack is one you'll swear you've heard thousands of times in the past, and you can all but predict what type of level design will come next. The graphics are pretty good for game gear standards, as the characters are colorful and their movements are detailed, aside from that pathetic punching action. If you absolutely need a game to play when you may or may not be on the go, this one may actually persuade you to pick up that copy of Good Omens you've been telling yourself you were going to read, which isn't a bad thing at all!
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