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Metal Slug X Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 92%
Metal Slug X
Metal Slug X Metal Slug X Metal Slug X
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Just because I know how much you like repeating levels, Aero Fighters 3 is for you! And if you like repetitive overhead action, then again Aero Fighters 3 is for you. Do you like ho hum graphics, boring sound, and pretty uninteresting game play ... well, I think you're getting the point.

At first the game seems fun, well worth recommending. It's not until mid way through, after you have defeated the UFO, that you realize that you are about to play through the game twice ... with only a few differences. It's not that the game lags in action, it just lags in originality. While you are able to choose between eight characters, each isn't all that different. And if you are playing two players, each has to be from the same country (for what reason?).

The graphics and sound are pretty dull, as well. But they do the job, and are better than the game play. And it's not just the game play, it's also the slow downs, and the horrible bosses, the silly looking enemies, and the uncreative power ups.

I simply don't know what else to say ... if you absolutely need every shooter, this ones for you!
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